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Review of Death in Panama

Death in PanamaDeath in Panama by William Venema
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Brings back not-fond memories of the military. Since the author based the story on his own experiences as a JAG lawyer in Panama, it rings true. I’ve never been to Panama before or after my Vietnam era service (including Vietnam) and I was enlisted not an officer. Still, enough there to identify with–lots of drinking, whoring, misogyny, racism and condescension toward the locals. Yes, lots like Viet Nam.

On the legal side, as a guy with a JD, I know the lingo and the judicial process that the author puts forth–except that proceedings in Courts Martial are more than a little different than civilian criminal courts. The author does a good job of distinguishing and explaining those differences along the way so no one will miss the issues that unfold.

Military or not–evidence is what it is. Inhumanity and adultery are what they are. Crime is what it is. So if legal drama, conflicted and flawed characters are in your reading repertoire, you will find this satisfying.

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Two New Book Reviews

Beyond the Sanctified (The Sevens Prophecy, #3)Beyond the Sanctified by Amalie Jahn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The third and final book in The Sevens Prophecy continues in the same vein as the first two–challenging the light versus the dark psychics. If I knew more about it, I might say it has some allusions to Manichaeism–the 3rd century Persian dualistic religion. In any case, the characters continue to use both latter day technology and their own supernatural powers to meet the challenges facing them from the opposing side. I found that a creative and workable approach. Without adding any spoilers, I can say that some don’t survive (more on the dark or evil side) and nearing the climactic scene, the pace of the conflict ratchets up appropriately. Stay tuned for a surprising twist (or you could say two–given the denouement) about who is who. I’d recommend it to those into supernatural, paranormal and the current issues facing people around the world–various sorts of crime, drugs, the climate, etc. Read the series; you’ll see what I mean.

Dark MatterDark Matter by Blake Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hardly needs another review, but I’ll say this–it was hard to put down. Also very scary. Makes you wonder if this could happen to you. Not the kind of book you want to read if you have any sort of mental insecurities or disabilities. Do you believe in string theory? Parallel universes or the multiverse? Can you imagine what it would be like traveling between them and not losing your mind? Blake Crouch will help you with that in this book. He’ll also inspire other authors like me to go further in my own writing world. It’s a great book. I don’t give a lot of five stars, but I had to for this one.

NOTE: I managed to snag a library loan of Dark Matter through Overdrive. That’s a plug for those of you who are connected through your local or state library system. Support your indie authors when you can by buying their eBooks. For the $10 and up big five eBooks, I don’t feel badly getting them from the library.

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