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Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings

Brett Kavanaugh Withdraws His Nomination to US Supreme Court

WHAT?  Impossible you say! Well, stranger things have happened. Read on to see why it could happen.

Confirmation hearings begin today. Will any Republicans oppose him for fear of his taking any opportunity to overturn Roe v. Wade? Will any vulnerable Democrats  up for reelection in November support him for fear of losing their office?

Basically, the question is can anyone stop this runaway train to another appointment by the Treasonous Trump. Here’s another option–let’s all encourage Kavanaugh to withdraw his nomination.

Why would anyone, given the chance to be a Justice of the Supreme Court, abandon that opportunity? Most often, it comes from some discovered scandal heretofore unknown–a scandal that likely dooms the candidate. Put that aside, that’s not the gist of my argument. 

Trump, our so-called President, is currently a subject of a criminal investigation–an investigation that will demonstrate that he  won election through felonious means. It’s highly likely that Trump will be impeached within a few months after Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Whether convicted in the Senate or not, unless pardoned by Vice-President Pence, Trump will likely be convicted of crimes that will put him behind bars. 

Kavanaugh, if confirmed, will be remembered  as the Justice appointed by an impeached and imprisoned President. If I were Kavanaugh, I’d get out now, before any votes on his nomination are taken.

Richard Nixon, he of Watergate infamy, appointed FOUR people to the Supreme Court–including Chief Justice Warren Burger. None, however, were appointed after the Watergate scandal.  So those Nixon appointees never faced the sort of guilt by association that Kavanaugh could.

NOTE: Stay tuned for more indictments from Special Counsel Robert Mueller–coming soon to your favorite news source.

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First Amendment Political Money

The Supremes are at it again, albeit 5-4 along political lines. Spending money on political campaigns is free speech they say, which cannot be constrained (in meaningful ways) by acts of Congress. I cannot say I disagree with the right of free speech, but I wonder at the wisdom of this decision that piles onto the already pernicious effects of the Citizens United case from a few years ago–which allowed the creation of unlimited funding of campaign advertising by Super PACs.  I must confess I have not read either decision, so I cannot say whether they considered what I would call the “megaphone effect.” Let me explain in the context of the Westboro Baptist Church case, in which the Supreme Court essentially said that the very obnoxious protests outside funeral homes by the church could not be prohibited, despite the emotional distress suffered by funeral goers. Did the court say such protests could be limited by precluding megaphones or sound systems so loud that they penetrated the funeral wall homes? Most of the protest, if I recall correctly, came in the form of signs. If the court did not opine on such, perhaps it was not present, but let’s examine that in the political campaign context. Continue reading First Amendment Political Money