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Rick Perry’s Potty Project

Traveling through Texas on several occasions, it came to my attention that there is a serious shortage of porcelain conveniences in the Lone Star State. In many restaurants, gas stations and other businesses one stops in, there is only one bathroom–rather than a men’s and women’s restroom. But that’s not the real problem. In most states–actually every other state I have ever driven a vehicle through (at least 35 of them), there are rest stops along the interstate highways and many other roads, with actual toilets for use by travelers. In Texas, generally there areĀ picnic areas consisting of shaded tables and trash barrels. Only in rare cases are there toilets. Imagine, you finish your picnic and feel the urge to go but you are left with no alternative but the bushes–and all too often there are no bushes! Of course for the ladies, this alternative is unacceptable in most cases. Isn’t that a shame, that Texas cannot afford to provide these facilities to travelers? Can you help out by donating an old commode or making a cash contribution? Make your mother proud; contact Texas Governor Rick Perry and urge him to get a potty project started this year.