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Free Books, Reviews and More by Others

Vampyrie book coverGet Tina Frisco’s interesting variation on the vampire theme for nothing, but hurry, the free download of her book Vampyrie on Amazon ends tomorrow. It ranks number 6 in the Vampires subcategory on Amazon. Here’s a snippet from one review:

If you’re a fan of paranormal reads with a scientific twist, Vampyrie is a read that should appeal to you.

book cover of "Have Bags Will Travel"You may remember seeing my review here on Views of D.G. Kaye’s Have Bags Will Travel. Or maybe you saw my review of her book, Conflicted Hearts on Goodreads. I must confess to having two more of her books yet to be read and reviewed. I am so behind on my reading!

She just posted new reviews of three of her books on her regular Sunday Review feature.  Go to her Amazon Author Page to find all these books and more. Here’s some of what she said on her recent post. Why, you might ask, am I including this instead of the reviews? Because I want to pass along why it’s important to let writers know you liked their book enough to not only review it but to tell them you did. 😉 But you can discover these reviews along with Deb on her post and on Amazon!

Today’s Sunday book review is a little different. Since I’m not quite finished my latest read I thought I’d share a few new reviews I stumbled across on Amazon while visiting my book pages.

I was looking at one of my book’s pages on Amazon, intending to copy over one of the reviews for a post I’m working on for a free book promotion I’m planning next month for one of my books. I was surprised to find a few new reviews that I wasn’t aware of.

It’s always a thrill to receive a new review, especially a 5 Star one, so I wish Amazon would notify us of new reviews but they don’t. Often if a reviewer knows us, they will inform us about having read our book and reviewed, but not always.  And of course, reviews from complete strangers are always rewarding, to know our words have touched complete strangers is so uplifting. So, it’s a good idea to check our book pages on Amazon, you never know what surprises you will find!