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Oh no, Health Care Reform

I didn’t really want to do it, but I need a topic that lends itself both to some amount of continuity and also fits the notion that this blog is about expressing what really is happening–reaching beyond ignorance and illusion. So as arrogant of me as it may be, I will latch onto this topic and like Clarissa, try to explain it all. First, some bold statements without citations of authority (because it’s my blog and besides, if you don’t believe me you probably won’t check the references anyway): The United States does not have the best health care system in the world.  (If you doubt that, check infant mortality, life span, incidence of diseases and disabilities with other industrialized or “first world” nations). There are more (on a percentage basis and an actual number) uninsured and underinsured people here in the U.S. than in several other nations. We get less “bang for the buck” here than many other countries–in other words, we pay more for inferior care. Oh yes, there are countless high tech tools and innovative processes available to American patients, but they are also available elsewhere and they may not be most effectively utilized. OK, that is it for starters, we will do more on this every few days.

Memories of a Mother’s Death

Perhaps I should have noted it then, but in posting my comment on the passing of Martin Luther King and mentioning my mother’s teaching me about the evils of racism, I missed the fact that she died exactly five years before King. As I came to visit her in the hospital that day in 1963, two weeks before my 16th birthday, I nonchalantly walked into the large ward in Hennepin County General Hospital. Continue reading Memories of a Mother’s Death