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Romney is Limbaugh’s Boss

As an apparent aftermath of Bain Capital’s investment in Clear Channel, Mitt Romney is on the board of directors of Premiere Radio–which syndicates Rush Limbaugh’s show. No wonder Romney can’t bring himself to do better than his comment regarding the Sandra Fluke flogging by Rush, “Not the words I would have chosen.” No criticism of the narrative content, just apparently, the words slut and prostitute. So Mitt, I guess it would be OK if someone called Ann or your granddaughters harlots or ladies of the evening, while critiquing their political or social commentaries? Wouldn’t be slut or prostitute, anyway. So who is the “feckless” one, you or Obama?

What a Rush–Lampooning Limbaugh!

If Limbaugh hates women so much, why does he keep marrying them? Bada Bing.

He seems to be coming up “short,” though, with no kids after four marriages. Shooting blanks? Erectile disfunction? Many bottles of aspirin? No wonder he gets so worked up about somebody else’s sex life–he may not have one of his own!

Rush on the couch–educational envy? Lawyers, judges and other highly educated Limbaughs across generations of nuclear and extended family members and then you have Rush: a flunk out/drop out after two semesters and a summer of college at Southeast Missouri. Not smart enough to cut the family mustard, evidently. Imagine, a woman succeeding at the education he failed at AND possibly (in his warped imagination) enjoying and succeeding in sex.

Woe be unto the Republican Party of America with Limbaugh as their premier spokesperson; perhaps their eventual nominee will get 15-20% of the female vote in November. Of course Rush doesn’t deserve all the credit–Republicans in Congress, statehouses around the country and the prospective nominees themselves are doing their manly best to lose as many women voters as possible.

The Limbaugh Family’s Misfortune

What a pity it is, that Rush Limbaugh’s mother apparently didn’t have access to contraception! Then we all would not have to put up with him today. Of course, Clear Channel could still abort him from its lineup–as unlikely as that may be.

It’s been over 30 years since I graduated from Georgetown University Law Center, but my suspicion is that Rush is very close, if not over the line, toward an actionable tort in his comments about Sandra Fluke, a current student at GULC. She is not a public figure. He enjoys no immunity from making defamatory comments about her.

What if someone said (note: I am NOT saying that) that Limbaugh has an alternate lifestyle, one that would make “Lush Rimjob” a more appropriate moniker for him? Well, actually, I think some people already have previously–try Googling it. Of course, as a public figure who makes scurrilous comments about others whom he doesn’t even know, it is doubtful that such comments would be actionable in his case.