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Immigration Reform–Will Its Time EVER Come?

Lets be clear here, the number of  people crossing the southern border of the US has been steadily declining for several years, at least since the beginning of the Obama administration. At the same time, the numbers of Border Patrol agents has increased. The Obama administration has deported substantially more people during five and one half years than the Bush administration did in eight years. The US Senate has passed a bi-partisan bill to reform current immigration laws. The GOP led House has failed to take any action whatsoever and appears unlikely to do so any time soon. Only recently has the current crisis of children fleeing Central America into the US reversed the trend of border crossing. But that is NOT part of the overall issue. So what are the issues?  Continue reading Immigration Reform–Will Its Time EVER Come?

Building the Mighty Wall to Keep out Mexican Illegals

Picture this, the Republicans take control of the Senate and maintain control of the House. They want a taller, wider, longer wall between the United States and Mexico, to keep out all those unwanted illegals.  Republicans love contracting out tasks rather than paying government workers to do the job. When it comes to construction, maybe that’s who would be doing the job anyway.  So, what happens when it turns out that the Chamber of Commerce member company (the Chamber wants a guest worker program, you know) doing the job, has been using subcontractors employing illegals to build the wall? Oh, the embarrassment–the shame of it all.  Not saying it has happened, just speculating that it could happen.