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The Fountain and six more short stories coming soon

A break from politics. About time, some might say! Yes, after a long delay John is finally getting something NEW published. The plan is to make that a more frequent occurrence–with novels out every year or two. ¬†Working on one right now, in fact. But first a short story collection.

Check out the Fountain, in a Kindle edition only for the next 90 days, available on pre-order from Amazon now. It will be delivered July 10, 2017, for anyone ordering it now and thereafter for everyone. We’ll talk about free days and discounts later (can’t until after July 10.

The cover of The Fountain, a Kindle book

Humor, twists and more in this collection of seven fantasy and sci-fi short stories. Like what? Here’s what you will find:

  • Karma can be painful in “The Fountain”–when a plunderer meets a long-dead shaman.
  • A family adopts a retriever with special talents in “Lily, an Amazing Dog.”
  • A vampire has a strange problem, in “Alfred’s Strange Blood Disorder.”
  • A perennial favorite, dimensional travel, with a strange twist in “The Closet Door.”
  • What could that column of fire be, rising from the Atlantic off the Outer Banks? Read “The Flame” to find out what it meant to troubled writer Carson.
  • A wizard casts a spell that works well for a princess, but will it be as good for him? Check out “The Wizard.”
  • Finally, “The Fribble” offers an alien encounter of an odd sort, to a pharmaceutical company rep searching for new drugs in the Amazon Rain forest.