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Happy New Year–Have a Better One

“Have a Better One,” that’s what the cop said to Deckard (Harrison Ford) in the 1982 original version of Blade Runner. He meant the day. I mean the year. 2021 may have been great for the one percent but not for most of us. I do intend to have a better one in 2022. Consider this recap of the past year.

Mine wasn’t spectacular—not even close. More like comme ci, comme ça:

  • Neither I nor my wife got COVID
  • Our retirement funds went up
  • She had rotator cuff shoulder surgery
  • I simplified the finances and did some “mini-tutorials” for her, just in case I became “unavailable” to do the bills and the bookkeeping
  • I didn’t get any books out—nor even my Eagle Peak Annual
  • We still couldn’t take that trip to Europebut we did have a three day in-state getaway
  • The mind didn’t get fully mastered; the mental fatigue remained
  • I didn’t create as much value as I had intended, but I have no regrets—I exerted myself as vigorously as possible
  • After some physical therapy, I joined the associated fitness center to work on toning my muscles
  • But I begin the year with the workouts on pause pending recovery from a hernia repair upcoming on the 7th
  • The AFib does seem on hold, with no episodes since July’s second one

Some goals and objectives for 2021 did come about. See the 2021 post. Those that didn’t will join some new ones for the New Year. 2022 will be a better one! I boldly declare these achievements will happen–come hell or high water:

  • Master of the mind—not the other way around
  • TWO books out
  • A trip to Northern Ireland
  • A great Eagle Peak Annual
  • Great health—for her and myself
  • More value creation—sharing the power of my Buddhist practice

For those who care, there will still be some political commentary in the coming year. Less even than last year. But facts are facts and truth is truth. Those who spread hatred and lies must be held accountable.

I didn’t bridge the political/cultural divide. It’s as difficult as it seems. But changing oneself is the answer—not the other. Same as for health, wealth and happiness. It comes from within—not from without. That’s the perspective of Buddhism; the faith and practice that works for me and many others. THAT I will offer more on in the coming year—but not, I hope, with heavy strokes. Only a light touch, based on my own experiences and the encouraging words of either Nichiren or Daisaku Ikeda.

Happy New Year