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You can write and publish a book, part 3

This next installment on the topic of writing continues with the how part of writing that book. Missed the earlier parts? See part 2 here¬†or go all the way back to part 1. The how relates in part with the what and the why. If you expect to make a living at this, you better know how to write well. Did you major in English? Did you take lots of writing classes in college? Do you already have a day job that entails professional level writing? Then you can probably skip this. Otherwise, you need to develop your writing skills. Many people argue that you can’t teach someone how to write–that one has to learn from doing. OK, but you can teach them grammar, style and other skills. Don’t expect Microsoft Word to adequately deal with that for you. If you are deficient in those areas, catch classes online, at your local adult ed or community college. Don’t want classes? At least pick up some style manuals and a copy of Eats, Shoots & Leaves in one of its many incarnations. Continue reading You can write and publish a book, part 3