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The Cat Who Danced–Using Technology as a Writer



See text below GIF
Originally posted by Els Jacob on Google +, which now no longer exists. I found it now on Pinterest. 

Yes, originally posted on Google +–which is now gone. Nothing ever really disappears from the internet. If you have a copyright on this, let me know and I’ll delete it. More than likely, somebody posted this long ago and doesn’t care anyway.

Technology offers new adventures for the writer—venues for commentary and simple observations. The GIF of a cat, forepaws atop a low patio wall, watches grass skirt clad dancers perform a hula.

The cat, wearing a lei around its neck, keeps time with the dancers, butt swaying to and fro. With CGI and various apps, the short video is undoubtedly  skillfully enhanced. In any case, it suggests a story title—“The Cat Who Danced.”

Tell your story  via YouTube or create a video trailer for your magnum opus. Use Vine, Instagram, Pinterest or any of many other apps. Or even tweet about it.

For myself, I must confess being on my way to curmudgeonhood. Much as I am willing to embrace technology, Twitter is a bridge too far; a waste sending or receiving. On the receiving end a useless distraction of ill-thought out observations which are often TMI on personal topics or wind up requiring retraction amidst the consequences of the tweet or when the sender comes to his or her senses.

On the sending end, too tempting to send out rants of my own, unthinking, only to regret them later. A many decades old saying from the last century, “better to remain silent and be thought a fool then to speak and remove all doubt,” could be updated to the 21st by substituting “tweet” for “speak.”

Google Might Remove Links about You–If You Are in EU

CNET published a story today about Google’s response to action by a European Commission As a result of a recent decision in the European Court of Justice, Google is developing a form that individuals can submit requesting that links concerning them be omitted from Google search results. Google will make use of an expert panel to evaluate requests. An individual’s privacy rights will be balanced against the public’s right to information. This doesn’t mean that the information will be removed from whatever site is disseminating it; only that it won’t show up in Google searches. Which is no small thing given Google’s dominance in search engines. It will apply across the EU, but NOT to searches made from the U.S. Oh well.