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Samsung Warranty Service–the Worst I Have Experienced

I rant about stuff from time to time; often politics. But as a public service, I must warn you about Samsung. They do make wonderful products and seem to have a significant market share in televisions today. But woe unto you if something goes wrong with one of their TVs. In 40+ years of adult life, their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced with ANY product from ANY company.  I bought a 64-inch plasma 3D that was delivered on January 8 of this year. It was a great TV while it lasted–about 6 months. Then it abruptly failed, on July 6.  It took two weeks of calls (5 of them) to have my request for help  forwarded to the national service contractor that assigns technicians. They called me in a few days, said they would get back to me with a service date. They didn’t call. I called Samsung back and learned the request had been cancelled by the contractor. That is when I learned of the invisible asterisk in Samsung’s warranty. You will get in-home service for their wide-screen TVs ONLY if there is an authorized service center within a 25-mile radius of your home. So if you live outside a major metropolitan area–you are out of luck and out of service. Any guess how much geography this includes west of the Mississippi and east of California? Continue reading Samsung Warranty Service–the Worst I Have Experienced