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Respect Trump?

One last Trump post for a while. You’ve all had enough, haven’t You? This is about respect. In their call for unity and moving on with America’s future, many commentators among the various media have been exhorting the public to follow their lead and offer him not only a chance to succeed–but respect. Nonsense!

With less than a majority of the popular vote, Trump will be inaugurated on January 20, 2017. The American Presidency is a singularly important office. For the sake of not only America but the world, it’s a good thing if the person holding it does a good job. The office itself may be worthy of respect. But saying that merely by winning it one is deserving of respect is asinine. Let’s say, through some bizarre stroke of fate, that Charles Manson were elected President. Should we therefore replace the disgust and contempt in which we hold him with respect? I don’t think so, do you?

Contempt is what Trump is entitled to. Trump gains no respect by becoming President. He must earn it. Click To Tweet Trump has asked the American people to abandon division and unite. Wonderful! Now if he could just apologize for the divisive campaign he ran, that would be a start. He not only fomented division, he reveled in it and encouraged his followers to embrace his racism, sexism, bigotry and more. I won’t hold my breath for that apology. He owns his conduct–the media didn’t make up his comments, they just reported them.

Failure may be painful for America and the world, but that’s what will provide the most beneficial and instructive result in the long run. If he succeeds having conducted himself the way he did as he ran for President and as he has lived his 70 years, then others will be encouraged to think that they can do so as well. That will be a far greater tragedy with more serious consequences than his failure during his tenure in the White House. My hope and expectation is that his time in office will be less than a full four-year term. Impeachment or resignation; that’s justice. That’s respect for the office and for America

As time wears on, I may offer more on Trump, but I’d rather restrain myself and write on more pleasant and informative topics as often as I can. Thanks for the likes and the comments.