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Are We Safe Now?

Did TSA really ask a 95-year old wheelchair-bound female leukemia patient to remove her (wet) depends undergarment to make sure she wasn’t carrying a bomb? Do they really pat down small children/toddlers? If so, does that make you feel safer flying? Here’s the deal, Osama Bin Laden, apparently was fixated on airplane terrorism. Two reasons why EVERYONE gets inspected: Continue reading Are We Safe Now?

Iraq, Afghanistan and the American Psyche

For those whose loved ones are there now or who suffer after effects from time they spent in combat, Iraq and Afghanistan remain an immediate concern. For others, like myself, the conflicts are an abstraction. The sufferings of the soldiers and the civilians do not pain my psyche. I have to remind myself again and  again, despite regular news coverage, of the real pain that war causes. Am I alone in that respect? Continue reading Iraq, Afghanistan and the American Psyche

Yes, You Can Write and Publish a Book

Not to steal too much of Barack Obama’s verbage here, but translating we to you or I will fairly adjust his message to the self-empowerment topic that is so popular among writers of a certain type inspirational book. It also correlates well with the self-empowerment that I find through the practice of Buddhism. Regardless of whether you find that religious practice to your liking or you find one or another of the various self-help gurus appealing, the fact is that generically it is will and determination overcoming doubt and procrastination that makes all the difference. A little (OK, a lot) research and persistence are also required. There is a lot to be said about writing and publishing a book; so I will dribble it out a little bit at a time. There is also a lot more to be said about the topic generally–Yes, You Can; so I plan on hitting it some more, with no more apologies to Obama. For now, let me just leave you with a link to building an author platform (now an abandoned book idea) at Morris Rosenthal’s website. Check out his blog as well. You won’t be disappointed.

The Pope is Coming and the Dalai Lama is Pissed

No, the Dalai Lama isn’t mad at the Pope; that was just to grab your attention. The Pope is visiting America–Washington, DC in fact. The Dalai Lama is upset with China at it’s treatment of Tibet. But they do have something in common. They were both chosen by adherents to lead major religions. Continue reading The Pope is Coming and the Dalai Lama is Pissed

Martin Luther King

Forty years ago today, shots rang out in Memphis, killing the Reverend Martin Luther King. I was in Hawaii that day, on R&R from Vietnam. I returned to my unit in Bearcat, the 9th Infantry Division basecamp 25 miles east of Saigon after the riots had spread across America. Things were not much more wonderful there. Tensions between blacks and whites were already high. Continue reading Martin Luther King

Virginia Book Festival

I am at the Book Fair today in Charlottesville, Virginia peddling my wares. Offering signed copies of Waiting for Westmoreland that is. See details in Booktour.com, link to the right. With the advent of Eckhardt Tolle and other spirtual writers, I hope you will consider reading my real life version of finding your inner purpose along with a clearly articulated methodology and vision to get you there. Oprah comes later for me.