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Still Changing the View–of the Views from Eagle Peak

I liked Talian, but I think I like this one better. Still have to get a couple bugs out, but it is mostly there. The poll, which I had on the left in Talian is now on the right–as you can see. So do let me know what you think. Also, for those of you who happened to buy Waiting forĀ  Westmoreland from Amazon, I am now finally all hooked up with AmazonConnect. That means you should see this blog there as well as messages to readers on your Amazon page (you do have one, right?)

Vertical Integration

Whoa, now there’s a term you don’t see much anymore. It refers to a manufacturer or business concentrating production of parts, supplies, etc., into wholly owned subsidiaries rather than non-owned suppliers. Not to bite the hand that might someday feed me, but Amazon (like many other corporations) is jumping now while the laissez faire antitrust policies of the Bush administration are still around. What I mean by that is that Amazon is requiring all Print on Demand (POD) publishers to begin the process of converting their digital files so they can be printed by Amazon’s inhouse entity, Booksurge. Continue reading Vertical Integration