Credit or Blame

What do the following have in common?  “The Devil made me do it!”  Thank God I got that promotion!”  Or perhaps, “If only we could move to the country, then we would be happy.” 

They all give credit, blame or control to someone or something outside ourselves.  The devil doesn’t make anybody do anything; people choose to do things.  God doesn’t whisper in employer’s ears, advising on who should get promotions.  Why would a change of scenery make life any happier?  Happiness lies in the confidence not only that you control your own destiny, but that you can achieve whatever you want or overcome whatever adversity faces you.  If you are unhappy where you are, going somewhere else just changes the view–not the reality.  This is a small glimpse of the value of a Buddhist perspective on life.  More to come.


I am cheating, you might say, but it is early in this blogging game. What I have to say today is not really content, just more description of what I will be saying when I do have something to say. All of which is to say that some of the categories I expect to include items on are:

  • War and Peace
  • Applied Buddhism (what is that?–you’ll see)
  • Humor
  • Politics (yuck)
  • Entertainment
  • Writing
  • Financial issues
  • Miscellany

Well, that should be enough for a start.  More tomorrow.

Hello world!

Welcome to Views from Eagle Peak! This is where I will pass along my observations on a variety of topics. I am off to a slow start at this, having spent countless hours getting up the Waiting for Westmoreland website and the Eagle Peak Press website. But the publishing world has convinced me that an author must have a “platform”–most often created these days via a blog.  In connection with Eagle Peak, the general notion is to create value by revealing the laws of cause and effect at work in day-to-day life–whether at home, in the workplace or the world at large.  I’ll give you some examples in the next couple days.