Putin and Trump—Two “Geniuses”?

They’re two of a kind, Putin and Trump. If you see Putin on TV, his fatter face makes one think he’s been eating burgers and fries like Trump. He aspires to the heights of kleptocracy that Putin has attained. That’s why Trump wants to run for president again in 2024. He still won’t accept his loss in 2020. That despite all the evidence to the contrary.

While in office, Trump once claimed that he was a “stable genius.” A few days ago said Putin’s moves on Ukraine were “genius.” Not likely an assessment of either by observers of modest intelligence, given the results then or now.

It takes an autocracy to enable a functional kleptocracy. It doesn’t take genius. Autocracy—with a solid oligarchy, doesn’t inspire admiration and loyalty among the populace. Competence doesn’t follow either. With a Russian military more than five times larger than Ukraine’s, Putin’s forces were expected to cut through Ukraine like a warm knife through butter. Well, not quite. An army of conscripts are no match for Ukrainian patriots.

While in office, Trump denigrated NATO and seemed inclined to let it fail. With his friend Putin’s moves, NATO is now resurgent and united. Germany,  has now anteed up its 2% defense contribution that Trump complained about. NATO, the EU and the US, are united in sending weapons to Ukraine. Weapons that Trump held back in his bid to get President Zelensky to manufacture dirt on Biden before the 2020 election. That action prompted Trump’s first impeachment.

The MAGA morons believe Trump cares about them and will ensure their prosperity. Well DUH! Did he do that while in office? No, but he did let them die from COVID. Many of them, of course, think that’s a hoax. Those 930,000 Americans who have died so far must not have died of the pandemic . Maybe not all–just fake news.

The polls say Biden’s doing a bad job as President. Let’s compare Trump’s time in office with Biden’s first year.

Trump’s genius:

  • Hundreds of thousands died of COVID as Trump urged Ivermectin and quack cures against the pandemic
  • Trump’s Warp Speed program did eventually produce vaccines, he did nothing to stop COVID’s spread
  • He left states to fend for themselves for money, medical supplies, guidance, etc.
  • He politicized Federal health agencies into putting out bogus rules, regulations and advice
  • Millions of people lost their jobs
  • The economy plunged
  • His first three years featured multiple infrastructure weeks without results–other than showcasing himself behind the wheel of a truck or wearing a hard hat

Biden’s pragmatic Federal response:

  • Quickly developed a effective plan to distribute vaccines
  • Cleaned up the health agencies and put in knowledgeable leadership
  • Got legislation passed offering financial support to struggling workers and families
  • He got an infrastructure bill passed to fix bridges, airports, roads, and more–that Trump never did
  • Added more jobs than anytime in 40 years
  • The economy is now humming along
  • Has finally suppressed the pandemic—which could have been accomplished sooner if not for the GOP officials who opposed mask mandates, allowed high-capacity facilities to open too soon  (without masks) AND all those people who refused vaccines (many of whom have since died of COVID)

So, what about Biden’s low approval ratings. Well, how about all those people back to work—many of which have higher wages or salaries? How about his leadership around the World—uniting our allies? How about the rise in the GDP? Oh, none of that matters.

Why not? Because people don’t like paying more at the gas pump or the supermarket. Well BOO HOO! Would they rather die of COVID? Not have a job? Be in poverty? Wanted to stay in Afghanistan?

Biden doesn’t control the Federal Reserve. The FED has held the interest rates at zero and used other stimulus to pump up the economy. Inflation ensued. The FED will finally begin raising the interest rates in March. Wall Street is in a tizzy but the GDP will keep rising as unemployment continues declining.

Meanwhile, over the past year, red state legislatures have been enacting laws making voting more difficult—especially for people of color (also known as Democratic voters). Suppressing the vote is not enough. Overturning election results if GOP candidates don’t win is a goal–like what Trump wanted in 2020.

America’s democracy is at stake. The January 6 insurrection was about replacing it with what political scientists call an autocracy. Elections don’t matter in Russia and other such undemocratic countries. Guess what–put Trump back in the White House might result in some folks on the gravy train, but nothing like those  Russian oligarchs. Trump wants all the money for himself and his family.

What really motivates most of Trump cult members is the fear of  demographic changes America faces. In other words, more Black, Hispanic and other people of colors other than White. Yes, many may vote for Democrats. Democrats who will protect their rights. That will mean a loss of White Privilege. The privilege to get into better schools. The privilege to get better jobs for more money. The privilege not to get stopped by police for the offense of driving while black. Equal justice–OH NO!

Yes, this is a harsh indictment of the GOP. One of my goals for 2022 remains bridging the cultural gap in the US. Yet, the truth must be told to get there. Most of the GOP claim the 2020 election was stolen–rather than Trump trying to steal it from Biden! They have no problem supporting the January 6th violent attack on the US Capitol. Killing and injuring police must have been patriotic.

Many of these same people profess to be evangelical Christians. Many claim to be Pro-Life. Actually, they are Pro-Birth. Once born, children are on their own. The SNAP program (formerly known as Food Stamps) funding should be cut. Childcare? Why should people be financially responsible for care of other people’s children? Parental leave? Mothers should be at home taking care of their children. Oh, they must work? Tough.

Did Jesus say it was OK to ignore the poor? I’m no longer a Christian, but I know better than that. Did He say it was OK to treat other people badly because they don’t look or speak like you? I don’t think so. There are a lot of so-called Christians who don’t seem to understand the tenets of their own faith. That’s one more cultural bridge to cross.

2 thoughts on “Putin and Trump—Two “Geniuses”?”

  1. Excellent post. The audacity of tRump and his cohorts, the only ones in the free world with Putin. That should say enough. Meanwhile, Russia is cut off from most world banks and more with their Rubles crumbling. Now who will lend the genius money? LOL, karma is a bitch. 🙂 Prayers for Ukraine. Zelensky is an international hero.

    1. Yes, things are getting uglier and more horrific in Ukraine. Bizarre how far from everyone in his environment that Putin sits. The similarity with Trump deviates somewhat there–Trump is fine in a crowd of sycophants, who he might listen to. As for experts, neither Putin nor Trump pay any attention to them. Hard to say what might happen thereafter, but retired Lt. Colonel Vindman (who featured prominently in Trump’s first impeachment) suggests a palace coup may come for Putin eventually. There’s a lot of logic to that that I won’t go into here or now.

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