Eric Clapton–Whinger at Large

So, he had bad reactions to the Astra Zeneca vaccine. Oh, boo hoo. Eric Clapton didn’t get COVID, did he? If he did, in his mid-seventies, the virus might well have been fatal. At the least, he could have suffered far worse effects than he got from the vaccine—permanent ones perhaps.

Around the world, millions have died or are suffering from long-COVID. For his brief episode of reaction to a life-saving drug he now offers anti-vaxxer song lyrics and refuses to perform in any venue that requires proof of vaccination. A sad end to a glorious career. Maybe the Queen should take back his CBE.

Meanwhile, in America, at least three right-wing radio show hosts have died of COVID-19. Yes, they were anti-mask and anti-vaccine. There are others; that’s just recent reports. Karma can be a deadly thing.

But that’s not the point, is it? The point is saving lives at a relatively small inconvenience—vaccination or mask wearing.  In America today,  there are children in pediatric wards on ventilators, some dying and others facing lasting effects. Meanwhile some American governors are banning the mandate of masks in schools.

Irate parents agree with the governors–and threaten school officials with harm if they impose such requirements. Notably, none of the vaccines available in the US are yet to be authorized for children under 12. Masks are their only protection.  Recently, one teacher in an elementary school removed her mask  during reading time in the classroom. Half the kids were infected with COVID as a result!

One is not free to drive while drunk. Nor is one free to have bonfires in the backyard during dry windy weather in the Southwest. One does not have the choice to endanger the lives of others in pursuit of fallacious freedom to go maskless indoors.

Without the mandate to be vaccinated against Smallpox, polio and countless other diseases humans would still be suffering and dying from them. COVID-19 is NOT the flu. Contrary to the prevailing political winds, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell recently released a 30-second PSA urging everyone to get a vaccine. McConnell is about as Republican as can be. Yet, even he sees the light.

4 thoughts on “Eric Clapton–Whinger at Large”

  1. One thousand percent all you said. America has gone mad with this nonsense. And naturally as the Delta variant crusades around the anti maskers and vaxxers, they bring it home to their kids. So scary.
    As for Eric Clapton, you said it, all respect evaporated. 🙁

  2. I think there’s every reason to be chary or wary of the vaccine John. I hasten to add that I’ve my two Pfizer jabs, as has my family and most people I know. A few friends who refuse to have it. It’s highly contentious on all fronts. I’m with you that those who remain unvaxxed will suffer worse effects if they contract the covid and will be a threat to others if they are carrying the virus and refuse to take necessary precautions. I am aware of the fear that surrounds the virus and fear is a horrible thing. There is this huge division between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed and each’s reaction to it which I am anti. O let me not go on … have things to do … 🙂

    1. Thanks for reminding me of the sympathy that I have for those with fear. Those who are immunocompromised or simply doubt the safety of a shot for their own reasons (there are many) are not among the people I have a problem with. It’s those who peddle misinformation via commercial or social media that I am incensed about. Whether they’re called influencers, hosts or whatever–they heighten the fears of those who might otherwise save their own lives or those in their family, friends, workplace or community.

      Beyond vaccines, the mask issue is a controversy that may be peculiar to America. But if it’s the same elsewhere, it’s not widely reported on in the US. If people can’t or won’t get vaccinated, it seems they could still wear a mask. When people live among one another, it is more than uncivilized to be unconcerned with the health and welfare of others. Few today are unaware of the risks of secondhand smoke or are up in arms on being restricted from smoking in the workplace, the theater, airplanes, etc. The effects of smoke are long-term in coming. COVID-19 effects, if transmitted, are quick and can be fatal.

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