Wrapping up 2020 Heading toward 2021

Been busy on financial planning. Reflecting on avoiding COVID-19-so-far (plan on continuing to do so. It helps being retired and living in a small town in the middle of nowhere New Mexico. Okay, no slams on our environs–we like it here!)

People have been suffering economically, spiritually–not to mention medically. Mostly avoidable but for that idiotic Golfer-in-Chief. Hope in a vial is on its way throughout America (and the world) .

We, thankfully, have had only what aging brings–expected and frustrating but not incapacitating.  Had my last doctor’s appointment today. Nothing of consequence. All systems are functioning within normal tolerances. Check back again on this or that at various points in 2021.

Meanwhile Biff’s delusional behavior continues. He can’t accept being the biggest loser since Herbert Hoover. His sycophantic supporters are willing to destroy democracy to keep him from disappearing in a burst of psychological flames.  Enough of him. He’s become boringly predictable in his final days as Liar-in-Chief. History will not be sparing in recording his as the worst presidency ever in the US. Be circumspect in your schadenfreude, just consider the karma he must endure his remaining days and into the next several existences, most likely.

I will be posting news of the upcoming book, along with other 2021 plans and objectives after the January 5th Georgia Senate race runoff. That’s no matter the results. Barring unforeseen events this is it for 2020.

Until then, have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. (In case you’re not aware, the X has a meaning in Greek that amounts to a shortened version of Christmas–it’s not some antireligious sentiment, although I am a Buddhist

I will be spending until Jan 6, working on that blogs into book collection with short stories that have been moldering on my hard drive. Have to get it out in the February/March time frame so the novel can get out by this time next year. Okay, I stepped in it again. But if one doesn’t have determinations, dreams can never become reality.

“Become the master of your mind; don’t let it master you.” The Buddha

7 thoughts on “Wrapping up 2020 Heading toward 2021”

  1. Happy holidays to you and J, John. Everything you said about Biff. Here’s to hoping he once again shoots himself in his bone spurs foot and keeps ruining any chance for the criminal rethugs in Georgia. I shake my head knowing their insider crimes along with so many others, yet, they are allowed to run for reelection. Anyway, not my circus. Be well and stay safe. 🙂

  2. It’s been a year for the record books, for sure, John. Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s to 2021 under a new leader!

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