Giannoulis Chalepas–featured in the Eagle Peak Annual

The 2nd Eagle Peak Annual–out last week! 

Giannoulis Chalepas–The Greek Rodin

A guest article from gifted writer and blogger, Nicholas Rossis.

He shares something of the difficult life of sculptor Giannoulis Chalepas–and photos of his pieces.

Great art is often thought to come from those who have suffered much. In the case of Giannoulis Chalepas, it’s true. A mother who opposed his dream of sculpting. A lost love and more. Yet his work is renowned.

If you visit Wikipedia, you will find a brief entry under Chalepas’ name. Born in 1851, he was a Greek sculptor who suffered a nervous breakdown and was committed to the Mental Hospital of Corfu. In 1916, after his mother’s death, he began to work again, continuing until his death in 1938.

View the article to see just a few of his 150 works–or visit the National Gallery of Greece!

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