America First–The MOST COVID-19 Cases and Deaths!

The US leads the planet in COVID-19 cases and deaths. Yes, with only four percent of the world population, it’s America First. That’s probably not what Biff (AKA, Donald Trump) meant when he adopted that international perspective. But he earned it.

Currently, twenty percent of new cases are generated in America. Five percent of those who contract it die–here and around the world. Over 125,000 dead so far–more than all military engagements since WWII.

Meanwhile, the Coronavirus Task Force held its first briefing–in two months! Here’s what VP Mike Pence, leading the briefing spoke of Americans “seeing encouraging news,” and said.

“all 50 states and territories across this country are opening up safely and responsibly”


If America leading the world in COVID-19 Cases AND Deaths, is encouraging–what the hell would he find discouraging?

GOP means: Gaslighting Offenders Party

More than half the states have surging cases of COVID-19.  Few, if any, reopened safely and responsibly.  Most of the cases in those states weren’t declining AT ALL .  Like Biff, Pence, Trump TV (AKA Fox News), all were pandemic deniers and/or gaslighters. Those red state governors had to dutifully, lemming-like, let people go wherever they wanted without any restrictions on social distancing or wearing masks.

The Biff Base in those states don’t wear masks. They either believe in the gaslighting or are willing to give their lives for their savior, Biff. In the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton spoke of the “deplorables.” There may be some, but that’s not the most accurate description. Most might better be described as the gullibles. Forget the nostrum of him shooting someone on Fifth Avenue. If Biff said the Earth was flat, there would be thousands clamoring their support. False Gods? Biff is one. He is, after all, the Chosen One.

Why does the rest of the world (other than Biff’s Brazil Buddy) have the virus under control? They imposed stringent control measures. People followed the rules, for the most part–unlike the whining  Biff Base. Those countries had a downward curve while America plateaued and barely sloped. Then, after all the foolish reopening in pursuit of an economic recovery to reelect Biff,  the surges came.

All that matters in Biff World is his reelection. He wants no bad numbers. More testing means more cases he recently said.  NO, the cases are already there. Less testing means less treatment and more spread. Which–guess what, means MORE CASES and MORE deaths.

Oh, but the deaths haven’t gone up with the surge in cases–NOT YET. There is a three-week lag from cases to deaths. Hospitalization not for two weeks, perhaps more after the infection. At least another week, maybe two or three before death for those who may  not survive.

Oh, well maybe a bunch of those people, at least the club, bar and  similar venues, are younger. Those in their 20s and 30s. Ok, the ones that will infect family–older relatives. People of college age–making the fall semester a dangerous proposition at best.

The coronavirus need not have been so bad in the US. A bad outcome began with Biff dismantling the group of experts for dealing with pandemic established during the Obama administration.  Then came Biff not taking it seriously.  Followed by an incoherent and chaotic response. No coordinated federal direction. Let the governors fend for themselves.

At every juncture, wrong choices were made. This is what comes from a no-planning, free-wheeling, instinctive approach to “governing.” In Biff’s case, there is no governing–just wing it. Biff, who wishes to take no blame or responsibility, deserves all the credit for this part of destroying America. (We’re only talking the pandemic this week).

All those people out of work. Locked up at home. No entertainment. No going out. Wearing masks. For what? Do it all over again. Where will the economy go then? Oh, and let’s get the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act–which many of those out of work people are relying on. And who won’t be able to get other insurance later if they got the coronavirus, because it will be preexisting condition.

Transition to Greatness? Nah. Biff as Nero–rallying as American lives and jobs go up in smoke. Wait for the coming November landslide, assuming people are able to vote in person under their own power or by mail if the Post Office is still around. Could be anywhere from 350 to 400 Electoral College votes for Biden. Bye-bye Biff.

Forget about moving to Europe if you live in America. They don’t want us there–even as tourists. We are too likely to give them back the virus.

6 thoughts on “America First–The MOST COVID-19 Cases and Deaths!”

  1. Sadly, a great summation. We all knew what we’re seeing now was coming. Bolton’s book confirms he coudn’t give a shit about anyone except wheeling and dealing and selling out the country to secure another rigged election. I want to know how he hasn’t caught the Covid in all his stupidity. Wouldn’t surprise me if he has the antidote for himself.

    1. He is a germophobe and has everyone near him continuously tested. Still, got to figure with the poor diet, short sleep and growing girth his immune system must be worthless.

  2. Your words are harsh, John, but realistic. I fear for the USA and the planet if people vote this guy in again.

    1. I foresaw things would be bad if he were elected. Couldn’t imagine this bad! It would take some extremely unlikely events and/or foreign plus unprecedented corruption for his reelection.

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