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Irma's EndgameIrma’s Endgame by Paulette Mahurin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Kept my interest throughout. The back story central to plot is a transplant patient exhibiting personality traits of an organ donor. It’s not unheard of. The author does a good job wrapping up a complicated story involving the donor (briefly) and her spouse, along with the recipient and his spouse. Lots of emotional turmoil between the husband who received the heart transplant and his wife–who has her own history that contributes to the trying times.

There’s much sturm und drang among the rich Beverly Hills set. Some years after the transplant, leading cardiac surgeon Peter Dayton is charged with manslaughter. He allegedly prescribed the wrong meds to another patient. Irma Mullins, attorney who mediates cases, is shocked to see the news about Dayton. She never stopped loving him, despite his spurning her decades ago for someone more acceptable to Dayton’s parents. She reaches out to him and offers her help.

Did Dayton do it? Well, given the set up, the reader has to conclude probably not. So, how will Irma prove it? With lots and lots of research, aided by her investigative journalist friend. Plus, deep dives into the lives of all those folks involved back in the transplant situation–the brokenhearted husband of the heart donor, the recipient and his wife who doesn’t like the changes her husband has after he receives a new heart.

The only complaint in an otherwise excellent story is length and the words spent getting to the end. Might have been able to shave 15% or more words, making for a quicker read. Some of the rich characterization and other details seemed superfluous to the storyline. I felt impatient at times–come on, move it along. On the other hand, they may be just what a screenwriter and producer wants for adapting the book into a feature film. That is, once COVID-19 slows down enough. Don’t be surprised to see it in theaters in a two or three years.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Irma’s Endgame”

  1. Wow, I was surprised to see you read this book. Great review. And I too think it would make for good movie material. I enjoy Paulette’s writing and got hooked from the first book I read from her in historical fiction (which is one of my top favs to read) The Seven Year Dress. 🙂 I’ll share this post in my literary group on FB and tag her so she’ll pop over.
    Also, not sure if you ever respond to my comments because I never receive notification if you do – even though I fill out your form every time for followup comments. 🙂

    1. Surprised? Thought I told you I’d be reading this. LOL. It’s been a strange year (aren’t they all) catching up on stuff but got to get some reading done if I’m going to get more writing done!

  2. Hi and thank you, John, for reading my book and taking the time to review it. I’m grateful for your thoughtful feedback. Paulette

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