More New Prefixes for Partner Preferences

What exotic terms for their attractions will celebrities foist upon us next?

They might suppose we care–when the truth is, many  people (like me) are  probably laughing at such self-indulgent self identifications.

With that in mind, let’s cut to the comedy chase–my tongue-in-cheek (HEY, watch where your mind is going) suggestions for some  funny new terms.

  • ferro-sexual–wants heavy metal music fans
  • hydro-sexual–likes swimmers or divers
  • acro-sexual–high on mountain climbers, bungee jumpers, etc.
  • auric-sexual–goes for people who love gold things
  • silica-sexual–beach lovers are their thing
  • equestri-sexual–into riders (not reins or saddle fetishes)
  • chrono-sexual–those who prefer intimacy on a schedule

Well, we could go on and on. No doubt you’ll hear some announcements of other odd preferences from those famous for being famous. Just laugh or ignore them.

Who knows, though–perhaps a neighbor or acquaintance already fits one of these categories.

The online dating services/apps will no doubt be picking up this trend soon–if they haven’t already!

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