White Nationalist-in-Chief Visits El Paso

Fake News–“President” Trump’s encounter with an El Paso survivor

Yes, this is fiction. But it could go something like this. Assuming a gunshot victim in the hospital agrees to a visit with the “President.” (Italicized from now on, because he’s not legitimate).

“Hello, Mrs. Garcetti, how are you feeling?” says a smiling Trump.
“That’s Garcia. I’m doing OK, all things considered,” she looks out the window as a tear forms in her eye, then back at the unwanted visitor.
“Well, this is a wonderful hospital. I’m sure they will take good care of you here.”
“Yes, they’re very kind. But I want to ask you something”
“All right, how can I help you?” He smiles broadly and looks at an aide.
“Why do you hate me so much–hate Hispanics so much?” Mrs. Garcia looks directly at the “President,” staring into his face.
“Hate you? Why I don’t hate you or Hispanics.”
“But that young man who shot me, he shouted out vile things about us. He said you were the best thing that ever happened to America. A man who wanted to rid the country of people like us,” she frowned then, nodding her head.
“Oh no, he was mentally ill–a crazy man! Not my responsibility. It’s the fake news that says that!” His face changed from its normal orange to red.
“No, he was angry–full of hate, not crazy. Full of hate just like you. I’ve seen you on TV, the way you talk about us. The things people at your rallies yell–and how you laugh and smile. You are a racist, Mr. Trump. You are a white nationalist. He shot us because it’s your wish–it’s YOUR FAULT!” she raised up in her bed, yelling and pointing at him.
“How DARE you speak to me that way?” He screamed, turning to his aide. “Let’s leave this crazy woman’s room. She must be watching fake news from MSNBC or one of those Democrat channels.”


At that, the “President” was ushered from the room by a flunky and accompanied by his secret service protective detail.


Could it happen like this? Who knows.


What would it take for the WNC to own up to his responsibility? Not likely to happen!


There are still two days left until the 45th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation in the face of certain impeachment. Maybe something will hit the fan and Trump will jump!


The impeachment inquiry could start  soon. The House returns next month, having heard lots from their constituents. Now we have the white nationalist situation to add fuel to the impeachment fire!

4 thoughts on “White Nationalist-in-Chief Visits El Paso”

  1. I could have. But seriously, wtf was he doing there anyway? Nobody wounded seriously wants to see him. ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yes, all the patients at the one El Paso hospital he visited refused to see him!! It was all about him. He has neither empathy nor sympathy.

  2. Since press was denied access to the hospital visits and only WH photographer was allowed to shadow the pres. we don’t have a clear picture of what really happened and how embarrassed, or what actual colors Individual 1 turned as he was ushered past rooms of people who didn’t want to see him. But we do have a grinning DT with thumbs up, as his wife holds an infant whose parents died shielding him. That was a truly disgusting act. It was said that the people flanking them were uncle and aunt (?) I think I read that. And that the uncle was a big MAGA head. The Aunt and Uncle are NOT smiling. So I’m thinking the jury is out on what kind of fans they are. However, the article said they were asked to bring the infant BACK to the hospital as he’d already been released. So I think it might have been a photo op engineered by Trumpeople.

    1. Sorry for belated reply. Went to spam folder, oddly, and I have been SO far behind on getting out the new Eagle Peak Annual I didn’t check manually.

      Yes, it all was very disturbing–and so typically Trumpy from our “President.” Most recent inhumanity is the cessation of Deferred Medical Visa action whereby children who became sick in the US could stay until treatment ended. Now–anyone here under that policy must leave within 33 (?) days or face deportation. There are several who will die as a result.

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