Eagle Peak Annual–Coming This Summer

Summer will arrive on June 21 in the Northern Hemisphere. We hope that  the first Eagle Peak Annual (formerly the Eagle Peak Quarterly) will follow in July.

We wanted it out for spring but that didn’t happen. Instead, look for a real summer issue that you can ponder at the beach, the mountains or on your staycation. 

What will be in the new Eagle Peak Annual? Some timely topics and new in-depth looks at perennial favorites. Here’s an updated sampler of what we are working on.

  • The Climate Crisis (we like what The Guardian has done–changed their in-house style guide, replacing the “passive” term climate change with climate crisis or emergency)
  • The Third Age–making those post-career and child-raising years golden (as in more self-reflection/direction, conquering financial and health issues, and more)
  • More writing-related tips–for those in the burgeoning world of self-publishing (or traditional)
  • An update on works in progress–with more previews and excerpts
  • A remembrance of one who has passed on–and a view of the Buddhist perspective on the eternity of life
  • Art–photos from here and there (many here, in the beauty of our Southwestern nature)

Out on time, the cover could look like this–with a determined barrel cactus bloom emerging from a rocky ledge on display.

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