I am SO tired of Trump.

No President has committed more offenses. None has obstructed justice more often. Abused power more cavalierly. Been so manifestly unfit for the office. High crimes and misdemeanors? Let me count the ways–no, on second thought, there’s too many. That would take too many pages.

I am SO tired of not-quite-treasonous, Republicans

They not only tolerate but excuse Trump’s lawlessness. He couldn’t get away, so far, with what he does without their support. About the only thing Trump hasn’t done is the oft-quoted shooting of someone on 5th Avenue. Forgive me for doubting that few Republicans would do more than wring their hands and say tsk, tsk if Trump actually did

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi is SO afraid of political fallout from impeachment that she considers talking about it something like discussing the pros and cons of incest. NO Nancy—impeachment is NOT a dirty word. It’s a legitimate response to abuses of power, obstruction of justice and all the other offenses for which Mueller could have indicted Trump—if not for the OLC flawed and outdated opinion that a sitting President cannot be indicted.

Now Trump has a cadre of lawyers willing, apparently, to risk judicial sanctions for filing frivolous suits or motions. Like what? Asserting executive privilege over anything former White House Counsel Don McGahn might say in testimony before House committees. Having waived privilege to allow McGahn to freely talk to Special Counsel Mueller, the privilege cannot now be asserted. Some say such legal cases might take months or years. Seriously? Slam dunks. Dismissed with sanctions on the lawyers. Quickly. Short appeals. Denial of hearing by the Supremes. Six weeks total unless heard by Trump appointees.

Should be a writ of mandamus to the IRS Commissioner issued by a Federal Court to immediately release Trump’s tax returns. Ways and Means Chairman Neal needs to stop pussyfooting along and get this before a judge—who will warn the IRS (and Steve Mnuchin) of the penalty for violating applicable IRS codes, five years in the slammer.

Yes, the American public isn’t yet ready to support impeachment. Trump’s approval rating has dropped five points since the Mueller report came out and his disapproval rating gone up. Yes, the public needs live testimony reciting the contents of the Mueller report. Yes, they need documents and testimony from the banks, mortgage companies, accounting firms, etc. With all those, large numbers of Republicans would still kneel before Trump or kiss parts of his anatomy. But the public would support impeachment.

How then to get that testimony before House committees? Get Mueller, his legal staff and/or FBI agents to appear—hopefully with video recordings of the interviews with those people. Can Trump block that? He’d try. But the harder he tries, the more counts of obstruction pile up. At that point, either Nancy Pelosi gets over her fears or she can expect to have a great many Democrats receive primary opponents next year—especially including herself.

Woe is we, many Democrats fear. If we impeach Trump and the sycophantic Senate fails to convict, we’ll lose in 2020. Bulls**t! With all the Trump offenses already known, the GOP risks massive losses in the Senate. They have MANY seats up in 2020. Those who continue down the Trump path are who needs to worry–NOT Nancy Pelosi.

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2 thoughts on “#impeachtrump”

  1. Right on. But I think by next week they will call for impeachment seeing as the thugs won’t comply with subpoenas and courts could take forever. I think they fully intend to impeach but not broadcast it. They will get testimonies, I think from McGahn because he doesn’t want to be slammed by congress. And Hair Tweetler won’t be able to stop Mueller from testifying which they have to get to pronto. On a good note today, Deutsche bank happily complied to hand over financials to AG of SDNY because they don’t want any court exposure. So whether they hand over to Maxine or not, SDNY will have it and happily share I’m sure. Remember, it’s SDNY who will ultimately be the ones to have the cuffs ready for him 🙂

    1. I’m with you! Note though, it’s New York state AG and not SDNY–which is actually better. NO pardons from Pence! Trump always craps on his own shoes, steps on his own message and interest.

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