The Bewitching Hour Approaches the White House

A Blue Wave Comes in January–Mueller Too?

The Democrats have won 40 House Seats in the next Congress–meaning they will have a 235 to 200 majority. It won’t be pretty for Trump. Investigations will ensue. Agency heads, cabinet officials and others will be called to testify. All those people who weren’t subpoenaed by Devin Numbnuts (Trump co-conspirator and chair of the House Intelligence Committee) or were allowed to not answer pertinent questions will have to answer in the Democratically controlled House.

But what of Mueller? Will more indictments come from Mueller in December? More in January? A report to Congress? Yes, it could all happen. On Friday comes the sentencing memo for double-flipper Manafort. The prevailing opinion is that this will be a public document detailing all of Manafort’s misdeeds.Β  Meanwhile, Trump is once again publicly adding fuel to obstruction fire–all but admitting that he has dangled a pardon for Manafort in exchange for info on what Mueller is up to.

But is all the chagrin and worries advanced about the duplicitous behavior of Manafort, his lawyers and Trump’s half-assed legal team (calling them JV would be overstating their legal acumen) warranted?Β How much would Mueller’s team have let Manafort in on during their hours together? Not much, in my opinion. As tight-lipped as the Mueller team has been with news media, Congress and everybody else, why the hell would Manafort be trusted with intimate details of what others had testified to–or what evidence Mueller had???

The fecal matter has hit the fan and is flying from the White House minute by minute as Trump fears he will be revealed. He can dish it out, but he cannot take it. Soon, he will have no choice. As Justice Kavanaugh says, “what goes around comes around.”

A friend recently posted an item offering an assessment of why people hate Trump more than any other president. I think he left countless reasons out. Without detailing the evidence that proves them (which have appeared here before), I’ll list some. The point is, no one in America’s history has occupied the White House with the combination of faults and deficits of Trump.

  • Trump is the most venal and corrupt President–using the presidency as a source of wealth for himself and his family
  • He is the most racist, misogynistic, cruel and ignorant President
  • He could win the Liar’s Club Lifetime Achievement Award
  • He is willfully ignorant of facts and uninterested in learning
  • He values his gut (filled with fried foods and diet sodas) as being a better arbiter of truth than great minds
  • He is the first puppet of a foreign government which helped elect him
  • It’s Trump first–not America First (Lindbergh’s neo-Nazi sympathizer slogan from the thirties)
  • He is a fraud–whose father bailed him out repeatedly from his poor business judgement and who couldn’t make a profit running casinos!
  • He has ruined America’s reputation around the World–making not America but himself a laughingstock
  • He will, unless stopped, ruin America’s economy and raise prices on consumer goods
  • He has no empathy for the suffering of others
  • He embraces despots, killers and criminals and shuns democratic allies

I could go on for pages, but you know there is much more. When he finally is forced from office, I do hope he will both face financial ruin and prison time. I will have a sense of schadenfreude orders of magnitude higher than I felt at Nixon’s resignation.

Nonetheless, from great evil, great good follows. Despite his best evil intentions, America is more united than ever before–witness the 40 seats won by Democrats in the mid-terms and all those groups created to foster kindness and understanding in opposition to this cruel policies. America, eventually, will be a better place because of his brief stay in the White House.

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  1. I totally agree! And today’s news is just an hors d’euvre of what’s to come. Cohen has gone full on and may even get zero jailtime for being such a great rat, lol. Hair Shitler is going down big time. January is going to be exciting times!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Oh, definitely sharing in my political FB! πŸ™‚ I’ll stay away from Google on this. I’m already getting some flack for posting political on my own FB page, lol. But at least I got to weed out the trumpers when I started posting on my page, lol. I also notice when I post stuff on Twitter I don’t gain new followers. so I’m trying hard to restrain myself LOLLLLLLLLLLL πŸ™‚

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