The Sum of All Fears–Loss of Privileges

How DARE you accuse ME?

Brett Kavanaugh at Senate Judiciary Committee hearing

RAGE and more RAGE

Remember, as Kavanaugh says, “What goes around comes around.” Only, however, if Democrats, Independents and what few remaining principled Republicans with a conscience vote in Democrats in the midterms. Then we will see karma in action. 

The cloture vote is at 10:30 am ET on Friday. The vote to confirm, IF cloture passes, will be around 5 pm on Saturday. People MUST call, visit or otherwise exhort their Senator to vote no on Friday. Kavanaugh is unfit to sit on the US Supreme Court.

  • He is a liar
  • He is an unbridled partisan–not capable of reaching independent decisions apart from his Republican ideological beliefs and treating others impartially
  • He may have a drinking problem and may be guilty of sexual assault
  • He is temperamentally unfit–as his rage showed during the hearing last Friday

One might argue that his rage stemmed from being falsely accused. While possible, he certainly didn’t stop at protestations of innocence. Oh no, Sam Seder summed it up a few days ago on an MSNBC show explaining the roots of the rage. What I prefer to call a trifecta:

  • Male Privilege
  • White Privilege
  • and Class Privilege

Who–that is not White, male or upper class can question him about his behavior from his youth?

He is entitled, as a White male, to dominate and subdue women when he chooses to. Take a look at his wife, seated behind and to his right. At times, during his raging opening statement at the Judiciary Committee hearing, did she not display the long-suffering face of a spouse. A spouse who has endured many such rages at home when she didn’t fulfill his expectations–a late dinner, kids misbehaving, etc.? Did she not relive those experiences and wish he wasn’t reenacting them for national audience? I’m not a profiler, but that’s what I saw on her face.

He is entitled, as member of the wealthy upper class to not be questioned about his behavior by those beneath his station.

Kavanaugh is not alone in his rage. How much did he resemble, speak like and behave like Donald Trump? Oh, he didn’t have the orange face and Barbie hair of Trump–but he nearly outdid his so-called President after all those practice sessions at the White House.

Lindsey Graham could have been Kavanaugh’s clone in his belligerency,  his outrageous anger. They are all of a piece. Then, in conjunction with Trump, they orchestrated a sham “investigation” which interviewed a handful of people and followed up with no one. Then those same Senators in a chorus said there was no corroboration to the charges against Kavanaugh–of course not, the FBI was instructed to find none!

All those aging White men in the Senate. Those Trump voters. They worry about the rising tide of women. First they got the right to vote–now they’re running for office in increasing numbers. They’re speaking out and demanding justice for sexual harassment and want equal pay in the workplace–even promotions!

First will come the rise of women. That’s what the Kavanaugh nomination is all about. To stave off the rise of women and reassert male control over reproduction–which, after all, is the main purpose of women (along with fun) from the dominant male perspective.

Next will come the inevitable minority status for Whites (it will take some time, but demographic trends say it will happen). Trump, with the able assistance of his White Nationalist copywriter Stephen Miller, is working hard to keep Brown people out of America. In aggregate with Asians and Blacks the nonwhite population will eventually make Whites a minority. Alas! That’s what the immigration battles are about. That’s what the limit on refugees is about. And that’s what the wall is about!

The class warfare, that filthy rich right-wingers cry out about whenever the subject of more taxes for the rich comes up. That change in America may not come this century, if ever. The Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and others want Kavanaugh in place to keep Citizen United case and other means to ensure that money controls who gets nominated and elected to office.

In the unfortunate case that Kavanaugh is confirmed, it will be a stain on the Supreme Court. It can be remedied however, if the Democrats gain control of Congress (or at least the House). Then they can proceed to investigate not only Trump and his administration, but Kavanaugh as well. Justices of the Supreme Court can be impeached. 

Well, Jeff Flake lived up to his surname and Susan Collins will be turfed out of office in 2020. Meanwhile, we can hope karma will catch up with Kavanaugh.


13 thoughts on “The Sum of All Fears–Loss of Privileges”

  1. Don’t get me started. It’s over now. Kavanope is in. We can only pray that the dems take back the house to impeach him along with all the other rethuglicon senators and Hair Fuhrer and his merry men. Those old white buzzards need to get the hell out of 1940 and the senate!
    I hope Mueller is playing his cards right and holding off on presenting his findings til after midterms or it will never see the light of day if handed over to the RETHUGLICONS.
    This was all fixed from pre-conception of his nomination. And magically, Kavanope’s debts have been erased. I’m guessing Putin paid for them too.
    I’m sorry the US has lost its democracy to the trumpocracy. And no matter what those thugs do, they will be toast soon. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius where women are taking back their power and the end is near for the patriarchy.
    If that corrupt judge thinks he’s won he can think again. He is hated by more than half of America, his name is smeared and he will be impeached, or possibly 2 new judges will be added to the court by the dems. Anyone else with dignity would have resigned, but he couldn’t because he was bought and paid for!
    Yes, I’m telling you how I really feel! 🙂

    1. Never have to worry about you holding back!! LOLLLLLL. I’m feeling a little better now, despite this near replay stress/angst like November 2016.

    1. Why your rant of course–made ME feel better. LOLLL The situation is terrible and probably will get worse before getting better. 😉 😕 😎

      1. I’m loling here, but seriously, it’s crumbling now and the purge is coming! I have a good feeling about November – dems take back the house, maybe the senate then Mueller hands in his probably finished report that he’ll hold back til the dems come back. And then years of undoing the damage. And if it falls into place I’m convinced you guys will have universal health care in 2020. Just sayin’. 🙂

          1. Oh what fun (not). Anyway, you are so fortunate living in a country where I expect a majority of the elected officials are sane and have principles. Although we certainly get little news in the US about Canadian office holders beyond Trudeau.

  2. We’re not perfect by a longshot, but we are diverse,., we have rights and our government is made up of many races and religions and plenty of women too. Maybe the US will take a page out of our books! We too have a few fanatical politicians trying to stick in policies we don’t agree with but we are vocal here too and have no fears standing up and protesting, I expect our tourism to explode with the advent of legal marijuana laws in the next 2 weeks. Freedom to light up anywhere smoking cigarettes is permitted. Should be interesting to see, lol. 🙂 And remember, if you need a break from your country, Mexico is warm and wonderful – 10 weeks and counting! Lol 🙂

  3. It was all I could do not to vomit during his testimony. He behaved like a privileged brat who wasn’t getting his way. His lying was obvious, as was his wife’s numbness. He not only can be impeached, but also unseated. Karma is waiting in the wings for all those greedy liars who feel untouchable and entitled. It’s difficult to keep one’s heart open, but I will allow them to change who I am.

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