Kafka, Zappa, Orwell, Vonnegut–what would they all say about Trump?

What we need is a latter-day Dali to paint Trump in his alternate universe. A picture, after all, is worth a thousand words. The surrealist image of Comrade Trump could suffice.

He has gone more bonkers than ever before after the Helsinki debacle and resulting backlash.  Forget the deplorables meme, it’s only ignorables that continue to deny Trump is Putin’s Puppet after his sycophancy in Finland.

What did he and his boss agree to? No one knows–probably not Trump himself. Only his gut, perhaps–which is easily confused,  overfilled as it is with burgers, fries and KFC washed down with multiple diet sodas.

Did Putin decline that September White House visit? Or did Trump really listen to Ryan and McConnell–who likely told him they’d like not to have this lead-in to the midterms.

“Bonkers” Bolton says the event is off until after the Mueller “Witch Hunt” is over.  Pence probably won’t want to entertain Putin, do you think?

Putin said he DID favor Trump in the 2016 election and he DID direct staff to help that happen. With all the indictments of Russians corroborating that–the Witch Hunt epithet gets crazier every time a Trump or his flunkies say it.

After introducing the bill to impeach Rod Rosenstein, Jim Jordan says he wants to run for Speaker of the House. That hardly seems a likely outcome–unless they have one in the Duma. Especially if Putin is directing his people to work to get Democrats elected in the midterm. Wow–no more reality TV shows; Trump should shoot for a late night comedy gig after he’s thrown out of office.

Meanwhile, what should we call the “Freedom Caucus”? The Commie Caucus? The Russo-Publican Caucus?  The Emperor Trump Caucus?  Jordan will just have to wrestle with that–perhaps in the House locker room, eh?

A little bit late, Ivanka is folding her fashion tent so she can focus on her work in the White House. Seriously–ROFLLLLLLLLLL.

Melania says, through her spokesperson, she will watch whatever channel she wants (after hubby complained about her watching CNN on Air Force One).

Edvard Munch’s The Scream might capture the agony of parent’s and children separated by Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy”–which would be better termed a “Zero Humanity Policy.

More fun next week, as Manafort’s first trial starts. Maybe more Michael Cohen tapes too. Could he have a copy of that Moscow hotel room tape? Only Putin knows for sure–and he’s not talking until Trump starts misbehaving.

8 thoughts on “Kafka, Zappa, Orwell, Vonnegut–what would they all say about Trump?”

  1. No, I did not get this, so thanks for letting me know. This was priceless! Lol, the freedom caucus more like Amerikka’s Fake Freedom and Liars Association or if you like the AFFLA LOLLL.
    What a riot about first fake daughter. I’m happy to announce that I saw an article today stating the fall of her clothing empire stemmed from the evacuation of her line from our biggest department store here in Canada, The Hudson’s Bay (which got bought out a few years ago by whoever owns Lord and Taylors. I signed enough petitions myself and threatened to join the boycott of all tRump merchandise in our stores. So activism does work. Within 2 short months of protest, she was gone from our stores. Yay! Now, she can freely attend to her Red House duties. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Love your political posts! 🙂

    1. Thank you! A clear day equals a better post. 🙂 Glad to see your efforts paid off at the successor to Hudson’s Bay. Now if the emolument’s clause suit going forward succeeds, Daddy Donald will have to sell off all his interests in the properties! When the Dems win in November 2018, in 2019 we may finally see those tax returns! 🙂

      1. Things are certainly heating up! I expect some huge breaking news tomorrow – as in the next Cohen tape. This is a reality shit show that never ends, lol. And if Hair Furor was smart he’d just resign before giving up his made in China tRump stuff because once he goes to jail he’ll need a stream of imcome. Just sayin’ 🙂

        1. I’m waiting for the Manafort trial. It’s getting rollicking now. Soon, I hope, it will be time for the other shirt I bought when I got the MAGA behind bars one. I’ll preview that one when the next bunch of indictments come along (clue). What will you do when our nemesis is gone? You’ll have more time to spend on memoirs—that’s for sure. LOL.

          1. Lollllllllllllll no kidding! This almost 2 year long binge watching has severely hampered my writing! Oh, and let me guess, the new Tshirt – faces of some of the collaborators? 🙂 🙂 (just hopped over again, still no notifications 🙁 but noticed you have no notifier on your top bar, something is off) Now you’ve made me check the ‘notify me by email of comments’ because, obviously, I’m not getting any 🙂

  2. Have no fear, the new shirt will be coming soon to this website. LOL. No colluders ROFL!

    Unless it’s in a secret place, I don’t see a notifier in the top bar of your site either. But on every post there is a counter on how many comments. I do get an email about new comments on separate email accounts for each of mysites.

    I don’t check the buttons on the bottom either–on my own or other people’s (usually, with exceptions for some discussions).

    BTW: Just updated Chrome today. Last time I checked, a couple days ago, the About page said it had current version. But I have been getting anomalous stuff on the admin for all my sites; then it started happening on CNN and other sites.

    1. OKay, just got your email, which indicated to me I’d better come back here and check for your last reply because I’m still not getting notifications from you. :(. I’ll email you back now.
      But, looking forward to that Tshirt! Woohoo! And say what? What about chrome and CNN? 🙂

      1. On Chrome, it began with my sites on the back-end often not showing pages properly–stylesheets (CSS) not working right apparently. I thought it was my old server. Evidently not when it happened on CNN and some other sites. Haven’t seen it since that update.

        Woohoo indeed–on enabling WordPress.com to send notifications when comments appear. Turned on my computer and got a popup on the screen linking to your comment above! Clicked on it and went straight to the reader!

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