The McConnell/Trump Supreme Court

The media is busy discussing the various prospective nominees. Little commentary remains about forcing McConnell to apply the same rule he invented after Justice Scalia’s passing –the people must speak, Obama can’t have a nominee. No waiting for Trump! Step right to the front of the line–we’ll put this confirmation on the fast track.

Nor is there substantial discussion of recusal. Recusal of a new justice appointed by Trump, of any decisions involving a subpoena of him in the Mueller investigation, whether he could be indicted or not, pardons of himself or others as obstruction of justice and . . .

Where is the media analysis about Supreme Court Justice recusal? A smattering is all that is heard. Forget questions about Roe v. Wade–we know that anyone on the Federalist list submitted to Trump will try to overturn it as soon as possible. So what questions should be asked?

  • Will you commit to recusing yourself from any decisions concerning subpoenas  to President Trump (and providentially–his administration) from Special Counsel Mueller?
  • Will you recuse yourself from any decisions on the presidential pardon authority?
  • Will you recuse yourself from decisions on ANY matter involving the Mueller investigation AND any indictments proceeding therefrom?

Democrats must NOT be doormats–cravenly confirming a Trump nominee after Mitch McConnell stole one seat on the Supreme Court from Obama. If any Trump nominee gets confirmed AND the Senate falls into Democratic control in 2019, here’s what should happen:

  • NO Trump nominees for appellate courts should be given a hearing
  • ONLY nominees for district courts who are not moderate or progressive should be confirmed
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