Alternative or Alternate Facts vs Truth

UPDATED: Some Customs and Border Patrol agents may be going to jail or facing fines for refusing to obey Judge Brinkema’s order placing a stay on Trump’s executive order. That’s called contempt of court and Federal Judges don’t like it one bit. But hey what the hell does Trump care about laws, the US Constitution or the like. He’s the President–laws don’t apply to him. Here’s a link to just ONE of the stories about this abuse by CBP and the Trump administration.

Still doing satirical “Fake News” here. Is there a distinction between that and the alternative facts that the Trump empire puts out? Maybe, but I doubt it matters much. MOST of what follows is untrue, AKA fake or alternative. If I claim it to be true, you’ll know because I put a big T in front of it. We must hope and pray for the safety and survival of our democratic society and our economic welfare. Don’t give up! Fight back by calling, messaging or visiting your elected officials.

ALT FACTs below. None are deemed true unless indicated. BUT who knows, many could become true!

After his one-hour call with Vladimir “Puta” Putin on January 27, El Presidenté Trump issued the following executive order today:

All Federal publications must now come with a Russian language version. Additionally, all road signs in the Interstate Highway System will be replaced (on their ordinary maintenance schedule) with signs in both English and Russian. On an expedited schedule, international airports within the US must replace all signage and communication displays (including arrival, departure and other information) with ones in both English and Russian.

As a related matter, Trump has directed his Education Secretary nominee, Betsy “Devo” DeVos to develop a Russian language immersion curriculum for distribution to elementary schools across the country as soon as she takes office.

In the meantime, Trump son Barron will be taking a rapid learning course in Russian. Melania and the many adult Trump children will begin Russian language studies as soon as possible. It’s rumored that these steps are a precautionary measure should Trump need to quickly relocate to a dacha in Russia. BFF Vlad has promised the family sanctuary if ever needed.


We have learned that G. Gordon Liddy will introduce a showing of Leni Riefenstahl’s movie, “Triumph of the Will,” at the White House. As you may recall, Liddy played the movie at the White House for the “Plumbers” during the Nixon administration. This comes at the request of Steve “Butthead” Bannon. People are saying that Butthead may ask Liddy to come out of retirement to join him as a deputy adviser. On a somewhat related matter, two Butthead cronies from DarkFart (AKA Not-So-Brightbart) will be joining him at the White House. Here’s a little sample of Hitler’s propaganda video. Judge for yourself it looks or sounds familiar.

(A True sentence is included in this paragraph, in red color and enclosed within brackets.) At the same time, Beavis (AKA Donald Trump) issued another executive order providing that Butthead will be a [“principal” attending all National Security Council meetings while the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff  would be invited to attend where issues pertaining to their responsibilities and expertise are to be discussed.

So it seems obvious that Beavis prefers national security to be a matter of politics directed by the White Nationalist/self-described Leninist Butthead–rather than non-partisan experts. 


People in Las Vegas are saying that oddsmakers have begun taking bets on how many months of his four-year term Trump will actually serve. Almost no one believes that he might resign in the face of impeachment or any other scandal, as did Richard Nixon in 1974. That would confirm him as a loser, something that he couldn’t accept. Rather, the bets people want to make are based on the prospect of these three reasons he might be removed from office:

Impeachment due to violation of the emoluments clause of the US Constitution (receiving financial benefits from foreign governments)

Impeachment for treason or other criminal offenses associated with his involvement with Russia.

Removal under Article 4 of the 25th amendment for inability to discharge the duties of his office. Why? For a mental disability—like dementia, Alzheimer’s or some other mental disorder. This can be accomplished by the Vice President and a majority of cabinet officials submitting such a declaration to the President pro tem of the Senate and the Speaker of the House.

The last of the three might be politically unlikely, but if he really pisses off the GOP leaders of Congress, it could happen. They undoubtedly would be happy with Mike Pence taking over. How off is Trump? Well all you have to do is listen to a few of his statements or read his tweets. Like the obsession about the inaugural crowd size. As Chico Marx said in Duck Soup, “Who you gonna believe—me or your own eyes?” Or the voter fraud–3-5 million people voting for Hillary

This just in: Trump is now saying he has proof from UFO experts that pod people cast votes for Clinton AND that those votes accounted for her popular vote win. 

Or consider his problem of contradicting his own past statements, repeatedly. Is he lying or does he really not remember what he said? Does he even know the difference between fact and fiction? Is he already demented or is he simply a pathological liar. Hard to say. Either way, it’s a national security issue because the rest of the world won’t know whether to believe anything Trump says.

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  1. Just wrote a piece on FB about this whole disgusting thing. The US has been turned upside down and the world is already feeling the fallout. No warnings, just chop orders effective ASAP. I am truly saddened and am apprehensive about my upcoming vacation to the US, as who knows what to expect on a daily basis. Now they’re talking about anyone coming n to US taking all their phone contacts and searching all our social media sites. Are they seeking Trump haters? There is no privacy left. How long will the line ups become? Honestly John, if I wasn’t booked and paid for I’d head to Mexico instead. As it stands, I’m pretty sure my next year vacation will be in Mexico, or at least for the next 4 years.

    1. These are dark days in America. The light breaking through comes from those resisting the intended chaos that Butthead Bannon has unleashed through his childlike pawn Trump. The ACLU received over $19 million in donations over the weekend. Their usual ANNUAL donations run $3-4 million. Planned Parenthood has been receiving big donations as well.

      The irony of privacy concerns is that most millennials and many people decades older have much concern with government intrusions while freely sharing personal details of their lives with the world through social media. So data miners serve ads to web surfers. Google reads your email to steer ads to you. Worse, hackers look for scams to seduce you into giving up more data that will enable them to steal from you or corrupt your sites.

      Still, per Orwell’s 1984 and the legacy of Nixon, the American President who abused government information more than anyone, there is good reason to be concerned about keeping one’s life secure against government surveillance. So while ridiculing Trump, I take pains to be sure that I have digiproved copies of all my posts with their disclaimers that stuff is not presented as true when it isn’t. I never say anything that could be construed as threatening or illegal, either.

      The more extreme Trump becomes, the greater the resistance that will arise. While the GOP-led Congress will allow much, if Trump ever vetoes anything they pass or he assaults any of their sacred cows, they will abandon him to Democratic wolves. At which point his base will abandon him. We will, I’m confidently hopeful, survive until 2018. At which time, many things will change. Could happen much sooner if Trump goes really wacko. With Bannon guiding him and his own psychological faults, that’s got a fair chance of happening.

      1. You said it. . . dark times. There is no privacy left, and yes even emails are not sacred. And oddly enough, I must began reading 1984 again, I was compelled. Reading it as compulsory in school didn’t register as anything more than fiction, but now time to look at Orwell’s futuristic predictions whether intended belief or not. 🙂

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