Inaugural Eve–What Now?

Some say we Americans should support the peaceful transition to a new President. Sure, no violence. Antipathy yes. Respect? No–for the office but not for the man. We can’t say for sure how much Russia helped get him elected. We can’t say for sure how much contact and collusion may have existed between Putin and Trump’s team. Based on Trump’s comments and behavior, it’s reasonable to think there was quite a bit. I have every reason to believe he will rank in the top five of the worst Presidents America has ever had. He’s the most manifestly unqualified. He’s dangerously ignorant with no desire to become informed, assuming he could.

It’s easy to do as I do here, mock and ridicule Trump with the same sort of fake news that helped propel him to the White House. While he relished, tweeted and retweeted all of the fake news that came out regarding Clinton, he now calls fake any derogatory information about him, his transition team or cabinet appointments. So I’ll persist in offering fake news. Why do it? It’s to keep the spirits up of the large majority of Americans and people around the world dismayed at Trump’s ascension to what he no doubt thinks of as a throne.

But isn’t there something more positive that can be done? Yes, there is. That means those who fear Trump or despise him for all that he says and does must reach out and talk with those who voted for him about matters of mutual concern. It does no good to simply cut ties with friends, neighbors and family members that voted for Trump. Rather, we have to listen to them about why they did what we consider totally irrational–voting for Trump. Some may be gullible. Some may be racist. Some may even have legitimate concerns that they felt weren’t being met by Hillary Clinton in particular or Democrats in general. It’s clearly pointless to expect Trump to unite America. That’s up to the rest of us.

Have a few laughs in the meantime, with the fake news here. Keep resisting. Keep whistleblowing. Keep peppering your Congressman or Senator with objections to cabinet picks or legislative proposals that will affect you if you’re American. March in protest, recognizing that such activity won’t directly affect Trump but besides making you feel good it will confirm polls that show Trump will enter the White House with the lowest approval rating of any President in the last 40 years.

Nothing below is presented as or claimed to be true (with minor exceptions noted)–although some of it could be.  It is FAKE News. It’s satire.

Kellyanne Corncob said Trump’s words don’t matter in an interview on CNN a few days ago.  Never mind  what’s come out of his mouth, “look at what’s in his heart. Using the most advanced technology available, select news outlets have scanned Trump’s chest from a distance. It appeared that, like the Tin Man, he had none. Upon closer examination, they determined that it was there, although shriveled up like a prune past its prime. Trump’s surrogates often complain that news media are taking him literally. So in this case, he’s not literally heartless—just compassionately challenged. See for yourself in this side-by-side comparison of a normal heart and Trump’s heart.

Drawing of human heart




Shriveled heart





On behalf of Benedict Trump, National Security Adviser Michael “RT” Flynn, called the Russian Ambassador five times on December 29th.  He reportedly said, according to a leak of an NSA intercept authorized by a FISA warrant,

“Don’t worry about Obama’s sanctions and those diplomats expelled. Once Trump’s in the White House we’ll roll them back and you can bring back as many spies—I mean diplomats—as you want.”

“Thank you, Comrade Flynn,” the ambassador replied.



Putin with horseNever mind the Russian prostitute story. Anonymous sources are saying that Vladimir Puta actually has video tape of he and Trump involved in a romantic romp. You can see from the photo that Puta likes going topless. Notice the hairless chest and incipient moobs. Not super macho. Metrosexual maybe. More likely bisexual than homosexual. He also clearly likes horsing around. Trump has denied the rumor as “FAKE NEWS. Ridiculous. Never happened.” The Russian leader also denied the rumor, coincidentally using the exact same words, saying it’s “Fake news. Ridiculous. Never happened.”


The Burlington Liars Club, which for 88 years has awarded a “Lie of the Year” prize, has reportedly banned Donald Trump. A club spokesperson said, “If he were permitted to enter the competition each year, no one else could ever win again.


Trump keeps attacking the US intelligence agencies. Possibly that has something to do with his own intelligence. Compare these images of a normal brain with Trump’s brain. Meanwhile, Comrade Flynn is denying reports from anonymous sources in the Trump team that US intelligence agencies and the Russian FSB will be sharing intel just as the US, EU and other allies have done for decades.

human brain
Normal human brain
Bunch of green peas
Trump’s Brain






[True] Don’s Johns logos were taped over on the porta potties set up for the inauguration.  Apparently some Trump transition team member thought it could leave the wrong impression on attendees. That, because the owner, is NOT (surprisingly) Donald Trump but a local business with the same first name. [FAKE follows]To remedy the situation the porta potty owner agreed to install gold-plated toilet seats in all the units. The seats will be supplied by an unknown donor to the Trump campaign. Then the porta potties will once again show the Don’s Johns name–reflecting the Trump sense of style.


7 thoughts on “Inaugural Eve–What Now?”

  1. LOLLLLLL. Loved the liars club! And I saw a clip on the news of ‘Don’s Johns’, they were saying the Whitehouse has been using them for several years for outdoor activities. In the next breath, they said they were covering the name with blue tape because the Whitehouse doesn’t advocate by advertising for companies. Then the camera shows previous years of events with Don’s Johns, and the name was never taped upl, LOL. So much bullshit! They had to cover them in embarrassment because so many relate to Trump to toilet matter. Despite this Disneyland escapade and an excuse for a president, I’m watching the inauguration music concert. Some songs are good, love the country, but many unrecognizable names of talent. And of course the Trump family seems to be enjoying while they are shield behind plexi-glass LOL

    1. Thanks. It’s all so therapeutic/cathartic! BTW: there have been some stories/rumors out there that Vladimir may be gay–despite his anti-LGBT laws, etc. I thought about how the elevator music or perhaps some inaugural ball music might include Sly Stone’s “It’s a Family Affair.” Poor Sly had been living in a van for a few years until he got a $5 million settlement in a lawsuit against producer/agent/manager.

      1. Wow, I didn’t know that about Sly. And lol. you may have discovered a new secret about Vlad!
        Been watching inaugural day here. I had tears in my eyes when the Obama’s left and Obama gave another speech that the press cut off to go to the cameras on Donny signing is boring paperwork. A sad day in Mudville. 🙁

        1. I couldn’t watch it. Or wouldn’t watch it–any of it. It’s enough to catch the highlights. A 16-minute inaugural address which, if the commentators have it right, reprises his dystopian vision of America presented at the GOP convention. His approval ratings have plummeted to the mid 30s. He had 46% of the popular vote so a bunch of people who voted for him already are sorry they did. More will soon follow; he suspended a quarter point reduction in FHA mortgage premiums that Obama did January 9. That will cost middle class homeowners with FHA mortgages $500 a year. Oh well, they voted for him–LOSERS, as Kim Jong Trump would tweet.

          Pence said Trump would “hit the ground running.” He left the part out about the simile of a chicken with its head cut off. 4,000 Schedule C (political/not Civil Service) appointments to make and of 690 that require confirmation, 30 have been nominated. Few of the others have been appointed. Confirmation of his adroit executive skills–hahahahahahahahaha. No wonder so many bankruptcies. If we’re not soon at war he’d have the government in a shambles if it weren’t for career civil service types to run it until his ding dong school appointees are appointed.

          Oh, and Melania’s QVC jewelry line is now on the White House website. Being President could be a lucrative opportunity until impeachment.

          1. Wowwwwwwwwww! That is unreal, selling her jewellry in the Whitehouse???? Are you kidding me? Well I watched his speech, and like many of the anchors said, there was nothing said to make anyone feel secure, no acknowledgement of Hilary, and truth be told, Melanie looked like a deer in the headlights, although beautiful. Never heard her speak since last summer when she plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech. And now not moving in the White house???WTF????? Ivanka will be his First Lady no doubt, the whole things is unethical and a circus if you ask me. But I also watched the ‘real news’ here in Canada. Trump is unliked here and ex pats who live here have left for Washington to March tomorrow. Lots of riots, and the regrets are beginning by the voters. They said the parade had way less people than any other inauguration. Who the hell voted for this guy??????????

          2. Who indeed voted for Trump? Gullible people. Disaffected people. Alt-Right people. Angry people. They will be just as sorry as the Democrats who voted for Nixon in 1972.

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