Lock Trump Up and Redo the Election!

Intel chiefs presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him from CNN 

So the intel agencies and some senators knew about the Russian attempts to compromise Trump before the election. Read the CNN story here.

More than likely they were successful! 

Memos were circulating that the Russians had evidence that Trump paid for golden showers by Russian hookers in Moscow. FBI Director James Comey told Congress that he will neither confirm nor deny that the FBI is investigating Trump campaign Russian connections. Didn’t stop Comey from releasing all that stuff about the Clinton email investigation DID IT.

Fire and lock up Comey! Lock up Trump! No, a pre-inaugural resignation by Trump won’t do! No, Pence won’t do. Trump STOLE the election aided and abetted by Russia and apparently the FBI.

We MUST have a NEW election!

March on Washington on January 20th, if Trump attempts to proceed to inauguration!

Go to the Indivisible site if you want to do something to resist (legally) the Trump regime even before January 20th. 


3 thoughts on “Lock Trump Up and Redo the Election!”

  1. I’m sharing this everywhere. I know. I’ve been following. It’s everything we suspected and yet still he’s elected. It’s a mockery of the justice system and the United States of America! And damned frightening!!!! 🙁

    1. There is a bit of hyperbole in the post. Nothing has been proved—yet. But the level of outrage is beyond anything I’ve felt since Nixon–Vietnam and Watergate. Trump is worse–much worse. Obama has said such wonderful things tonight. Two terms are all he gets. His grace and integrity will have to survive and sustain America in the days ahead.

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