Seasons Greetings, AKA Happy Holidays

In Glacier Bay

Happy Holidays to all—whether you celebrate a secular or non-secular occasion this time of year with family, friends or fellow believers of your faith. For some it’s a time of hope and renewal. For others it’s a trying time given personal setbacks, memories of lost loved ones or even political turmoil. For myself, my circle of family and friends, it’s a little bit of each. While we had no personal setbacks this year, we empathize with those who did.

Most years, including this one, there is conflict in locations around the world. Yet hope remains in the hearts of people with faith in a religion or in humanity itself. The Buddhist scholar, philosopher and peace builder Daisaku Ikeda says this:

Peace and culture are one. A genuinely cultured nation is a peaceful nation and vice versa. When conflicts multiply, culture wanes and nations fall into a hellish existence. The history of the human race is a contrast between culture and barbarity. Only culture is a force strong enough to put an end to conflict and lead humanity in the direction of peace.

I hope you will have a safe and joyous encounters this season. Share in a peaceful culture in whatever way best suits you. Triumph over any challenges or obstacles to happy holidays.

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5 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings, AKA Happy Holidays”

  1. Thanks so much John for the beautiful wishes. Wishing happiest of holidays to you and your family too. May the new year bring us all more love, compassion, and the grace to get through the politics of the world. 🙂 Merry Christmas <3

  2. Happy holidays and the most joyful New Year, John and Juanita! Thank you both deeply for your support and encouragement of our members; for your heroic treks to Las Cruces and El Paso every month; all your contributions to kosen-rufu via myriad of pathways that always start from the heart; and most of all for your friendship : )


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