Trump–America’s Shame, America’s Embarrassment

Donald Trump

It’s been three weeks now, since our shame came in full bloom. For months on end it seemed ridiculous. Ludicrous that a dangerous buffoon could be elected as President of America. Whatever faults she might have, how could Hillary Clinton lose to a man so manifestly unqualified, so unfit to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world. The country with the strongest economy. The country that has led the world in technology. The country that has produced so many great minds, such great literature and much more. The polls were so far wrong.  I was so wrong. I was angry. I was concerned about our future. What might he do to our economy? What might he do to human rights, civil rights, women’s rights, minority rights? How far backwards might he take us? Those were my thoughts, my feelings for more than two weeks. Still true. But, now, it’s shame and embarrassment that has overtaken anger, shock and worry.

A 70-year old man who indulges himself in twitter wars over every slight. A man who shoots from the lip and the keyboard as if he were a high school sophomore or at best a 20-something misogynist troll on the internet. But he’s not those things. He’s soon to be America’s President. What must the rest of the world think of we, America’s voters, who let this happen. Yes, he is dangerous. Yes, he has a short fuse. Yes he knows little about anything and has no great desire or capacity to learn. But in truth, he’s an embarrassment. He’s the village idiot given the keys to the kingdom. He’s had his physical, apparently. But perhaps what he really needs is a psychological test for senile dementia. Some may think that’s simply an insult. Others may think that’s an unprofessional armchair diagnosis. But how many 70-year olds do you know who tweet the nonsense and the insults he does. How many world leaders do you know from major developed countries behave this way. Ask yourself, is he fully competent, mentally?

What do we have to look forward to? Perhaps he will moon a CNN reporter. Perhaps he will light a dog poop filled paper bag at someone’s front door and then run after ringing the doorbell. Of course the Secret Service might protect him that ignominy. But do you think such things couldn’t happen? I’m not so sure. Be ready. Read up on Article 25 of the U.S. Constitution, about removing a President with a disability. Meanwhile, forgo those trips abroad for the next few years to save yourself from the pity, amusement or condescension of those who recognize you as Americans.

8 thoughts on “Trump–America’s Shame, America’s Embarrassment”

  1. Bravo John. I particularly loved ‘He’s the village idiot given the keys to the kingdom.’ Such a frightening and sad truth. 🙁

    1. Thanks, Deb. If I were a Tweeter like Trump I’d have tweeted that phrase. But then I’d be too much like him–I’m almost as old. But then I’m not soon to be President either. I can be less dignified. I’m certainly more stable and less dangerous. 🙂

  2. As someone who has lived in America and still has American friends, I can assure you that you have no need to be ashamed or embarrassed John. His election was a symptom of something that is not just isolated to the US.. We all have our political disasters. Part of the problem is that whilst we all have the right to vote, it does not mean that we are qualified to exercise that right. Especially when a campaign is run on fear as our own Brexit referendum was. Everything was aimed at fueling everyone’s worsts fears, chief being immigration as in America.. They will take your jobs, steal your money, live off welfare, bring terrorism to your door.. You will lose money, your homes and your national identity… We all know that our countries have inherent problems but instead of dealing with them effectively they pass the buck and blame it on those who can rarely have a right of defence. I hope that sense will prevail in those who might be able to stop this runaway train.

    1. Thanks, Sally. But I assured all those people from the UK, Australia and New Zealand we met on our Alaska and Yukon trip that no way could Trump get elected. Oh well! You’re right, it is a worldwide phenomenon. People blame others for their financial and occupational woes. It’s easier than looking in them mirror. Then, as the saying goes, it’s no use blaming the mirror if one’s face, hair, etc., looks awry.

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