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In honor of the upcoming travel season, D.G. Kaye is putting her book, Have Bags, Will Travel on promotion for FREE, from November 28th through December 2nd! The book will be available Free to all countries. This Universal Link  will take you directly to the Amazon book page of your country to download it. I encourage you to get it if you haven’t read it. I did, here’s my review from Goodreads.

In reviewing Have Bags, Will Travel I must first confess that I have never been a woman, at least in this lifetime. That, not to put too much of  a sexist spin on it, means I don’t have the shopping gene. Still, having watched countless movies and TV shows over a lifetime—and read a few books as well, I am familiar with the whole shopping zeitgeist. Then too, I have had the experience of traveling hither and yon. Not having the shopping gene has saved me from some of the travel travails that D.G. Kaye humorously recounts. The need for a travel scale to weigh suitcases. Customs enforcers frequently finding fault, or at least doubt, with her attention to limits on the value of goods brought into the country.

Whether you’re a shopper or not, there’s no doubt that flying is not as much fun as it once might have been for many. The seats get smaller, the aisles narrower, the allowable luggage more compact and of course the security checks have become over the top. Ms Kaye covers it all in a breezy book, reminiscing on her adventures around the globe with friends and fellow shoppers. It’s a fast and funny read.

5 thoughts on “Download Have Bags Will Travel for FREE”

    1. It’s the charitable thing to do on “Giving Tuesday.” Wish we were traveling somewhere ourselves this season but too busy. Besides, we had a great vacation this summer. 🙂

      1. Thanks for being charitable, lol. And perhaps next year you’ll travel again. I’m crossing my fingers hub will be good to go away for our winter getaways. I need a vacay badly! 🙂

        1. Hey, don’t we all! No rest for this wicked guy. As soon as my Quarterly is out it’s back full bore on the short story collection that needs beta readers, editing, a cover, a marketing plan . . . 🙂

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