5 thoughts on “The Fat Lady Is Warming Up”

  1. LOLOL, OMG I can’t believe he’ll even show his face there! I’m sure if there was enough time to pass a bill through congress there would be one to order him to step down. But don’t be fooled, as much as the decent people of America are appalled, he still will maintain a following by those who admire him for his arrogance and ignorance. 🙂

    1. Well he said “See you Sunday at the debate,” during his late night “hostage video” that he acquiesced in doing. We’ll see in a few hours. But his rabid followers are something else. I hope we don’t have riots in the streets of America over their claiming the election was rigged. I suspect there are many who are more dangerous than the Mexicans or Muslims that Trump rails about.

      1. I’m inclined to agree. I saw CNN earlier with supporters rallying for him. To think people actually have no scruples to publicly stand for him. This expensive lesson will have the Senate re-evaluating making a bill to disallow someone from running. Too late now. Hoping common sense will prevail. 🙂

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