Fixing WordPress when Jetpack Is Being Difficult

Hurray, NO politics today (here anyway)! Jetpack fun instead. No telling why the “display recent posts” widget couldn’t get posts from my John Maberry’s Writing site to this one or to  my Eagle Peak Press site. If YOU have a similar problem, here’s a workaround. Use the RSS widget (another Jetpack item) to grab a feed (you have to have one–Google now owns/runs Feedburner but there are others) from one of your sites to put on another one. Worked here.   😎

happy computerWant to post excerpts? Use the Jetpack “text widget” to insert script from your feed (Feedburner “BuzzBoost” will get you that; no doubt other RSS feeds will do so as well) to put them wherever you like. I used that for Eagle Peak Press. You will see the excerpts from John Maberry’s Writings in column 2 of the black background bottom area of that site.

The WordPress forum, while responsive, couldn’t find the problem with the display recent posts. Nor could Jetpack support resolve it. So I did it myself (picture me patting myself on my back).  😆

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    1. Fortunately, my arms are still limber enough to reach behind. Now if I can just find time to do those stretches maybe I won’t even need the backscratcher. 🙂

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