Make Gotham Great Again?

So much anger. So much hatred. So much blame. Four days of the Republican National Convention. With only a few glimmers of light or hope. In his dystopian view of America Donald J. Trump sees the entire Country as Gotham.  A lawless place where terrorists from Islamic countries, murderers and rapists from Mexico, Black Lives Matters-inspired cop shooters and other evildoers  roam the streets preying on innocent Americans. Fear no more–Trump and the GOP (at least many of the delegates at the Republican National Convention who are office holders) will quickly make it safe again!

But how?

Well, in the minds of Trump, Congressional Republicans and many of the attendees at the convention, the rise of terrorism is all the fault of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The two Democrats probably recruited Osama bin Laden to organize the 9/11 attacks just to make George Bush look bad! So the first step is locking up Hillary Clinton, as the Rudelicans at the convention yelled over and over again. Or she could be shot by a firing squad if Al Baldasaro, Trump supporter and New Hampshire state representative has his way. Or she could be hung on the Mall in Washington, DC, if United Airlines pilot and member of the West Virginia House of Delegates Michael Folk has his way. United Airlines suspended Folk from flying. The Secret Service is investigating Baldasaro. If Trump is elected, Obama will be gone, of course, and Trump will change everything on Inaugural Day, January 20, 2017–instantaneously!

Seems unlikely at best but read on. The plans will come later of course; just trust him–but how can we when he lies cheats and steals so much (more on that later) and can’t even run as important an event as his own convention without screwing up so many things. Like Melania’s plagiarism, Ted Cruz taking his revenge for the Donald’s slander of Ted’s wife and father–just to mention a couple of the biggies. So if he couldn’t get this four-day event for himself right, how can he lead the country? Anyway, based on what we know now and what we might imagine could be on tap, here’s what to expect.

  • Deport those 11 million undocumented immigrants (the rapists and murderers).
  • Block Muslims from entering the U.S.–or at least ones from countries that have had lots of terrorists raised there. That would no doubt include countries like France, Germany, etc.
  • Torture, well beyond waterboarding, any suspected terrorists until they reveal who their compatriots are.
  • Interrogate Muslim Americans and if they say they support Sharia law, deport them. Born here? Doesn’t matter if you’re Trump supporter Newt Gingrich.
  • Close or at least surveil all mosques visually and electronically
  • Recruit teenage Americans to the Trump Youth and issue them brown shirts and caps with Make America Great Again emblazoned on the front.
  • Trump will sweep in with his golden modacrylic hair cascading from beneath his red cap and wave his magic wand to say the words, “ISIS gone.” (note that he has made NO mention of ANY strategy to quickly end ISIS, as he promises. So it seems magic will be required).

Let’s be clear, “Make America Great Again” more accurately could be rendered as Make America Great for Straight White Christian Males Again. Make America Great for Straight White Christian Males AgainLook at the support from Evangelicals, i.e., Christians. Look at the GOP Platform–calling for overturning the right to same-sex marriage, approving of “conversion therapy” to make gay people straight, making it legal (based on religious belief) to deny goods or services to LGBT people, etc. The “we don’t want your kind (Muslims) here,” to note just a few.

The GOP is not articulating a rational conservative agenda, they’re promoting a reactionary movement to take America far back to a time when the country was run by and for straight Christian White males.  

They wish women would leave the workforce and the military and return to the home. There they could resume their proper roles of cooking, cleaning and caring for children. Those days are long gone as dual incomes are required for many, if not most families.

They may not say so, but they certainly would rather the non-whites return to their traditional roles as janitors, kitchen help, custodians, field hands and other jobs unsuited for white males. If they are here illegally, they must be deported. If not, they can stay and take those low level jobs so the white males can have the better ones.

Am I putting thoughts in their heads? Setting up strawmen? I don’t think so. Republicans resented that uppity Obama having the effrontery to not only run for, but actually get elected (twice!), to the White House. The Republican-controlled Congress blocked progress on almost any meaningful legislation. Obama’s approval rating is 56%! What about Congress?  They’re at 16% So if America is headed in the wrong direction, as Trump and the GOP claim, maybe they should stop pointing at Obama and look in the mirror! 

They deeply resent that uppity woman Hillary who has the gall to run for President. No matter that through all the Congressional and FBI investigations, no one has been able to come up with a chargeable offense–but no matter, just jail her, shoot her or hang her! Of course they didn’t mind Condoleezza Rice–an African-American woman, but then she was a Republican–so exceptions can be made.

Are these exaggerations? No, I don’t think so. Trump has all the earmarks of an authoritarian. Do a web search on the first use of “America First,” a Nazi sympathizer slogan. Look at this harkening back to Richard Nixon’s “law and order” slogan of 1968–a code word for putting down anti-war protestors and African-American civil rights activists. Trump is a racist and a fascist. He is a misogynist–listen to how he speaks to and about women. He is a con man, a pathological liar and he’s probably NOT a billionaire either–maybe a millionaire at best but we’ll never know because he will never release his tax returns.

Trump claims to be the voice of the disaffected, many of whom are non-college educated White males (the rest are even angrier Republicans). For some reason unclear to me, they actually believe him! What does his record show? People laid off from bankrupt casinos and other failed businesses.  Use of immigrant workers (some probably illegal). Unpaid invoices from small contractors and subcontractors who did work for Trump. If they wanted their money, they needed to sue. Defrauding students who attended “Trump University” or Trump “Institute.” He calls Hillary crooked but he has a well documented history of being one. He called Ted Cruz, “lyin’ Ted” but Trump’s record of lying is well documented (see Politifact).

Yes, somehow Trump has some decent children that have survived a life with him. Does he–or the women who bore them deserve the credit for that? Remember, even the most evil organized crime and drug lords have had decent kids–because they do care for them even as they steal or kill to make a living. He is the most dangerous man to ever run for President not because he should be compared to drug dealers or criminals, but because he is not capable of the complexities of running the White House. He hates taking advice from anyone about anything. Look at how difficult it has been to corral the impulsive insults he tweets incessantly. Look at how disorganized the GOP convention went.

Imagine, if he failed to come to the aid of NATO allies because he thought they hadn’t paid their fair share into the organization. Imagine if he didn’t like something other world leaders said so he started to refer to allies like Germany’s Angela Merkel as “Chunky Angela?” Or to Canada’s Justin Trudeau as “cute hair boy Justin?” Maybe not to their face or in tweets, but it’s enough if he did it in the White House and the epithets got out. What if he got in a twitter frenzy with some foreign leader and decided to nuke them?

5 thoughts on “Make Gotham Great Again?”

  1. Powerful stuff John. It is so frightening to think that if he took power what the US, and the world would become. Besides what he is, he’s attracting a very scary crowd of white supremists and rednecks because of his blatant prejudices. I said what you said to my husband, imagine he’s in power and half the countries in the world won’t even let him enter. And what is he prepared to do for America in the way of education, jobs, healthcare? All he talks about is immigration and terrorism, people should know what he’s prepared to do to make America great.

    1. He is a very scary guy. I must say I am not thrilled with Hillary, but I do like Tim Kaine. She will be a stable and sensible choice for President. There are now Republican national security types who are endorsing her. More of that sort of thing will happen over the next few months.

  2. A casebook Narcissistic Personality Disorder if I ever saw one. Sadly, I’m afraid he’ll win the election. His supporters are far more passionate than Hillary’s, and elections are won by those motivated enough to go and vote.

    1. You have a point about passion. Trump does draw massive crowds to his rallies, but that may not translate into enough to carry him to victory. He seems incapable of doing the pivot to the general election. He continues with reckless tweets filled with insults. I am hopeful that eventually the extent of his ignorance will become apparent and Clinton will win handily. The confusing thing about American presidential elections is news media sometimes reporting national polls (which even if accurate, don’t directly elect candidates) and sometimes covering swing states whose vote totals will determine what the electors in the Electoral College will do. Current estimates from a variety of sources estimate Clinton will get anywhere from 300 to 350 electoral votes (270 is needed). So even if the popular vote is close, she will win where she needs to. But my guess is that the election won’t even be close in the popular vote–maybe 54% for Clinton.

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