Maintain the 2nd Amendment AND Stop Gun Violence

Flintlock pistol, circa 1790The U.S. Bill of Rights, including the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, was adopted in 1791. Little did the Founding Fathers anticipate the technological advances in weaponry. Back then, rifles and handguns were flintlocks; single shots only with the next one requiring more gunpowder and a new ball. Today in America people and groups like the NRA clamor for their 2nd amendment rights against any restrictions such as background checks, assault weapon bans, etc. They get laws passed allowing them to carry weapons openly. They base their position on the 2nd Amendment. It’s all about American history and supposed support for the revolutionary zeal against the overreach of the King of England. So what if we applied the historical homage to the weapons that could be openly carried or even possessed? Here’s what would, or in some cases, could happen:

  • No more mass shootings–you can’t kill people in a crowd if you have to reload after every round fired!
  • Military and law enforcement could keep their advanced weaponry to better protect themselves and the rest of the population.
  • Gun owners would have to turn in their weapons–perhaps to benefit designated charities or to help restock federal, state and local law enforcement.
  • Gun manufacturers would take a heavy hit financially as they would have to focus exclusively on sales to military and law enforcement for advanced weapons.
  • The NRA would lose its power over Congress after it goes completely bonkers in trying to oppose such a move while rationalizing their historical justifications for the 2nd amendment.

What, you think this is just a joke? Well, it is a tad facetious. But when Hillary Clinton nominates some new justices for the Supreme Court, such laws could get upheld–assuming they could make it through Congress. So there’s the rub.

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  1. Fabulous post John. But I’m compelled to keep my thoughts to myself on the whole gun issue. Bravo to you. 🙂

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