Honest and Trustworthy–Donald or Hillary?

It’s 17 weeks until the U.S. Presidential Election. I have tired of offering political commentary. Those few of you who regularly read this blog will note that there have been far fewer as time has passed over a few years ago. So here’s the deal: Four political posts from now until the election. About one per week. That’s it; no more.

So, an MSNBC/Wall Street Journal poll says 41% find Donald Trump to be honest and straightforward. Really?!  Hillary just 25%! Well, after FBI Director Comey’s no indictment broadside, looks like he’s in the low end. But let’s look at the  ratings of supposedly factual statements of Donald and Hillary by the nonpartisan group, Politifact.

Politifact found that only 23% of Trump’s statements were true, mostly true or half true. The remaining 77% were mostly false, false or “pants on fire” falsehoods. Basically, he makes stuff up. Like that Rubio’s father had some involvement in JFK’s assassination. He says things and then denies he said them, like calling women “fat pigs.” He calls Hillary crooked. But how many lawsuits has he lost, settled or been involved in regarding deceptive or fraudulent business practices? Way more than Secretary Clinton. He knows little about anything other than how to start businesses with other people’s money and bail when they fail. How can anyone go bankrupt running a casino (four times!) when the house always wins? So he lies and calls other people names. Oh, his “pants on fire” percentage was 20%—one in five of the items that Politifact checked!

Politifact found this about Hillary’s “facts”: 73% were true, mostly true or half true (almost the complete opposite of Trump!) Only 27% of her statements were mostly false, false or pants on fire. Notably, on 1% fell into the pants on fire category. So who’s honest and straightforward? The winner is Hillary, even adding in FBI Director Comey’s remarks.

Just in case there’s any doubt, I am not nonpartisan. Here’s my John Oliver/HBO cap to prove it.

Me wearing Make Donald Drumpf Again cap

3 thoughts on “Honest and Trustworthy–Donald or Hillary?”

  1. Arg John, it’s such a mess! And quite frankly a frightening situation.
    I follow US politics very closely, even more so than the shenanigans going on in my own back yard, here in Canada.
    IMO, you guys are caught between a rock and a hard place. It aint pretty between both your choices. But the most frightening is that Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about half the time and has no couth or etiquette. It may be slightly possible that he isn’t even aware of his anti-semetic tendencies, but the worst part is that his many followers who are will be the ones supporting him. I am frightened for how much more the world may suffer.

    1. Yes indeed! I’m still sticking with my somewhat “out there” prediction that Clinton will beat Trump by 20 points. It’s not that I am so enamored of her or think that so many American people will come to their senses about Trump but that it’s hard to believe that he can “pivot” and that while he has that base of supporters they are not nearly enough for him to win. He’s not getting that “earned media” like he used to and what he does get endears him to the base but not to independents. He doesn’t and likely won’t get the money to run the ads or work the grassroots and get out the vote efforts needed to come even close to winning.

      1. I tend to agree with you, and praying somehow you don’t have to eat your words, lol. I’m not a Hilary fan either, but certainly the lesser of the two evils. Sheesh, with all this craziness, I don’t know why Bernie couldn’t pick up more voters.

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