The New Eagle Peak Press–Coming June 1!

Yes, it’s almost here–Eagle Peak Press with a renewed focus on the Quarterly. By the way, the quarterly schedule has changed to March, June, September and December.

With the move from a Joomla powered site to WordPress comes a great new look. But it’s not just better looking, it’s got more functionality and more features.

  • The Eagle Peak Quarterly has a new cover each issue
  • The Quarterly page has excerpts from each article
  • Past issues have an easily accessible page–click on a cover to see that issue, with the same kind of excerpts as the current issue
  • More widgets with more information top to bottom
  • Encouraging words, videos, weblinks and more

There’s too much to tell you and not enough room to show you. You will just have to go there on June 1! Note: If you go there right now you will see a coming soon countdown message. 

5 thoughts on “The New Eagle Peak Press–Coming June 1!”

  1. Congrats to you John. I can only imagine how much work is involved to get this all together. (Well, okay, I may have got some insight from you already.)
    I’m looking forward to reading. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Debby. Yes, it has been an endurance contest but there are only a couple wrinkles I’d like to smooth out before it goes live but that may not happen. Just have one more article to finish and then I can get back to other projects in the few days remaining before our Alaska trip.

        1. Well, we certainly hope so! It’s a trip that should have happened last year on the 35th anniversary (well not ON the anniversary; Alaska in October could be a little chilly, even if the cruises were operating then) but just couldn’t the planning done. So this year for the first time it’s a package deal; THEY did the planning. 🙂

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