When Doves Cry? When Prince Has Died

I spent 20 of my first 27 years, off and on, in Minnesota. Most of them in Minneapolis. I left before Prince began his musical career there. Still, I will miss his great creative musical genius. The commentators give short shrift to the contributions of Minnesota musicians–singling out Bob Dylan and Prince. Of course there are lesser luminaries like Spider John Koerner, Leo Kottke and more. In fact, Minneapolis is ranked second out of 50 music scenes in America. Of course that’s not for superstars; it’s for locals who are able to give good music to those who live there. Back in the day there were clubs such as the Depot, which seated less than a couple hundred. There such people as Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels,  Frank Zappa with the full Mothers entourage, including Flo and Eddie performed. Still today is the day to recall and mourn the passing of Prince.

So here’s a video of Prince performing When Doves Cry, live.

3 thoughts on “When Doves Cry? When Prince Has Died”

  1. A lovely tribute to another sad loss of a legend John. There have been far too many losses in just this year alone.
    Surely there are doves crying at this time, and possibly there is purple rain in heaven.
    There is still no word on cause of death. They are saying natural causes, but that’s always an excuse for the unknown. Surely dying at 57 is not natural. And I don’t believe he led a wreckless lifestyle either. Just so sad.
    Thanks for sharing the video. 🙂

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