Cleveland in July–Paper Bag Head Coverings?

I do try to refrain from too much political commentary. Definitely less is found here than in the past. But this year, especially after last night’s 3rd Super Tuesday fairly begs for some.

The GOP convention will be in Cleveland this July, about four months from now. Will Trump be the nominee? There are many Republicans who hope not. Will they be able to stop him? Will there be a contested or open convention? Image of elephant rump with text "GOP Nominee?" Trump







The Cleveland Browns NFL team has somewhat loyal, but dispirited fans, due to its poor record spanning many years. So what do the fans do? Some come to games with paper bags over their heads–a form of protest or perhaps to hide their identity. After all, would they want friends, neighbors or coworkers to see them actually sitting in the stands at a Browns game? Perhaps an entrepreneurial sort among them, maybe an alumnus of Trump University, will offer delegates their choice of designer bags to wear at the GOP Convention. I’m not saying anyone will actually do this, but if I were a Republican attending the convention, I very well might.

Cartoon image of man with paper bag with eye holes covering head and face with caption, "2016 GOP Convention?"


3 thoughts on “Cleveland in July–Paper Bag Head Coverings?”

  1. Thoroughly amusing John. But I believe if a fan is a fan, they’ll show their faces proudly.
    My hub is a die-hard Toronto Maple Leaf fan. If you follow hockey, I need not tell you how bad they are, even though the stands are always full, and seats are ridiculously expensive. My hub wears Leaf hats, coats, etc. and often takes an offending remark from a bypasser asking, ‘Aren’t you embarrassed to wear that?” He proudly answers, ‘Not at all.’
    I don’t see Trump fans wearing bags on their heads, but perhaps those against him, watching, just may be. 🙂

    1. Oh I have no expectation that any Trump fan will be tempted to conceal who they are. It’s the others that might. But this is mostly humor. The GOP is in turmoil over Trump. Who can say today how the convention will go, but there’s probably a fairly decent chance it will get very ugly.

      As for the sports teams, the bag wearers I suspect are protesting the owner and general manager of the team. It’s happened in New Orleans, Tampa Bay and Cleveland NFL games. I think it’s happened at some NHL arenas as well. Not sure about baseball, basketball or soccer, but I think it has happened in Europe as well as Canada.

      1. I’m inclined to agree with you John; I think the Trump thing is going to get a lot uglier as time passes and he leads the way. Frightening times.

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