2016 Super Bowl has an outrage in its shadow (Opinion) – CNN.com

It’s an ugly thing, the response to growing ranks of the homeless in major cities across America. We don’t want to see the homeless; they make us feel uncomfortable. So we try to ignore them. Some complain to local officials. Tourism promoters want them gone. So what do the elected officials do? Read the opinion piece from CNN.

San Francisco, which shares in Super Bowl festivities this week, is like many cities in wrongly criminalizing homelessness, says Vijay Das

Source: 2016 Super Bowl has an outrage in its shadow (Opinion) – CNN.com

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  1. Great share John. They key note there was, it cost more to criminalize than support the homeless. Duh! I tell you, it’s awful. It’s no different in my country. Our country is so busy letting everyone into the country and forgetting to take care of their own.

    1. It really is a “duh” moment when one considers it’s more costly to criminalize than care for the people. Similar to the “War on Drugs,” which has made America the leading country for per capita incarceration at extraordinary expense for the taxpayers and a drain on the economy. At the same time, like prohibition of alcohol which created organized crime, the prohibition of drugs has maintained it–if the faces and ethnic backgrounds are different. El Chapo would be a poor man if Americans could have been buying marijuana and cocaine from stores instead of his distributors.

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