Web Resources for Self-Publishing Authors–Part 3

Are you writing a book? Considering self-publishing? Here is the 3rd and final part of some web resources that will help in all aspects of writing—from the first draft through marketing. 

256px-Internet1These links are categorized by topic in alphabetical order. NOTE: as of October 2015 all are active. No evaluation or approval is implied by the listing; you must evaluate the merits of any site you check on the list. On just a few listings there will be some pros or cons. Some items on this list contain lists of their own—links to other sites with more links. So there is a great deal of information to be gleaned here, some better than others. This is just a small sample of what’s available, but it’s a start. To update that old biblical quote—search the web and you shall find [some good stuff and some junk].

Social Media
Other Writing Resources

Excerpted from Part 4 of Becoming a Writer, a series published in the Eagle Peak Quarterly

3 thoughts on “Web Resources for Self-Publishing Authors–Part 3”

  1. Fabulous list John, thanks for sharing. I’ve bookmarked this post. I am aware of many, and I’m on many sites (yes, which does cut into writing time), but I didn’t know about Slideshare, which I’m interested in attempting to put together. I also didn’t know powerpoint could do that – another tool I never used. Sheesh! So much to learn and do, who has time to write? LOL 🙂

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