Trump Pranks Party–New Cable Show: Run for the White House

It’s been the longest running trailer for a movie or TV show, Donald Trump’s White House Campaign. Finally the truth comes out–he never really sought the presidency. Rather, Trump is launching his own cable channel with the first show being Trump’s Run for the White House. The show will premiere January 31, 2016, the eve of the Iowa Caucus. Trump will announce his “campaign” was all about boosting the ratings of the show and never about being elected. His withdrawal from the race came live at the start of the show. The Trump House

Political pundits predicted at the outset of Trump’s campaign that he wouldn’t go all the way–wouldn’t file necessary papers, etc. He confounded everyone, including GOP officials as his support increased while he steadily offended people. As the punditocracy eventually accepted that he was really running, one after another confidently asserted his latest rants would doom his campaign. Instead, he gathered more and more support.

Theories arose:

  • He was a Hillary Clinton/DNC plant to elevate her candidacy by making the GOP look ridiculous
  • He was a megalomaniac
  • He was simply a lunatic
  • As his statements grew more offensive some called him a fascist
  • Finally, many thought he might be “The al-Baghdadi Candidate.” That seemed the most plausible, that he had been brainwashed like the fictional Manchurian Candidate. Rather than an assassin, his virulently anti-Muslim rhetoric would enhance recruitment to ISIS/ISIL and damage America’s national security.

Of course his statements DID have that effect, despite the campaign being a promo for the TV show. He is also, of course, a megalomaniac–which is why he doesn’t care what effect his words have. And, he is, after all a bit loony.


3 thoughts on “Trump Pranks Party–New Cable Show: Run for the White House”

  1. Wow! That’s some heavy stuff here John. I watch Trump every day on the news and I’m amazed that his ‘say whatever I want’ banter is pushing him up higher in the ranks. 🙂

    1. This has to be the weirdest political campaign in America I have seen since I became old enough to vote. As abominable as Trump’s comments and proposals are, it seems like satire may be the best response. There’s already plenty of condemnation going around.

      1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. It’s become a circus. The whole focus has become on Trump and his tactics, which appeals to the masses now because of fear. And the weirdest things is, we don’t even hear much talk about the Democrats anymore. 🙂

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