Bring the Buddha to Work–Forget the Donuts

No donut


Ah, the birthdays, the retirements and other farewells. An office can be a fattening place if one is not careful. Strange then, how difficult it is to take off the pounds now–sensibly or otherwise. It’s over a decade since I last spent my days in a cubicle farm. Maybe it’s just the metabolism slowing down, yes that must be it. Nature’s way of telling one that “this is your body, get used to it!” So what then of the donuts? I used to have them more, but have cut back on them, like the other treats. Greg Martin, a friend of many years, often encouraged workers with this aphorism, “bring the Buddha to work, let others bring the donuts.” The point being this, all have the innate potential for enlightenment–for Buddhahood. The Buddha is not some transcendent being or a balding fat-bellied character who welcomes one into a Chinese restaurant. Oh, no; he or she is a person of wisdom and compassion to share. A much better treat–and with no added calories, to share with coworkers. Much more likely to enhance morale and increase productivity than the occasional donut. Of course one can bring broccoli and hummus, but that only goes over well with a small segment of the office and most likely leaves the others feeling morose or annoyed. So I pass along the suggestion to others with office issues, at least the ones who may be practicing Buddhism or feel so inclined.

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