Intentional Incompetence

Saw a shared item on Google + by Gina Drayer yesterday. A picture, of course, is worth a thousand words. But let me offer just a few after the image.

Images of skilled men at work needing help at simple tasks at home
Original source unknown; widely shared on the web, this from Gina Drayer

I have a term for this, intentional incompetence. It happens with both genders as a means to limit tasks one might have to do. After all, there are only so many brain cells available to do tasks one prefers to do or must do. If some tasks can be avoided, then one has reserved brain capacity for the others. Or at least that’s my theory. So for guys, they feign ignorance (or through concerted effort avoid learning anything about) cooking, doing laundry, etc. Similarly, the wife knows nothing about how the car or other mechanical things work. The benign or even positive aspect of this is that each can then appreciate what the other does–so it’s not all bad.  But in the image, it sure is funny.