Bill the Bombastic–Is There a Cure for What Ailes Him?

So it has come to pass lo these many years after becoming King of Fox News, AKA False News, Bill the Bombastic has been brought low, to the brink of ignominious defeat by a guttersnipe son of the Mother Jones. What will become of him? Will Roger the Dodger be able to cure what Ailes Bill? Will there come a rescue or reprieve from Saint Rupert of Murdoch, the patriarch of the unfair and unbalanced network? Only his brother in bluster Rush matches Bill’s zeal lambasting lefties and delighting the right. All is true, he says, everything he has ever said during his entire repertorial career. Yet his words on tape, his memories in print in his own books defy reality and the truths of others present when his stories unfold. The Bombastic never set foot in a combat zone in the Falklands; he covered the affair from 1,200 miles away in Buenos Aires. He never saw nuns being killed, except possibly by viewing video coverage later; he arrived a year after the killings. He couldn’t have been outside the door when George de Mohrenschildt, JFK killer Harvey Oswald’s friend, shot himself to death in Florida; Bill was in Dallas at the time. Bill takes nothing back; it’s just the way he told the stories of the events, just the way he wrote it in his book about Kennedy’s death. Neither Roger nor Rupert can help him now, he is on his own. One who skewers  by the word is skewered by the word–his own word.

I have been trying to reduce the political posts here, but this one was too sweet to pass by.  Here is the back story: Once we write down or record our recollections, they become our memories as they are recorded. At one time, they may have been different–not necessarily more accurate, but possibly. The act of compiling and editing them itself alters them, rearranges and replaces the original. So, without excusing Bill, despite what I have just explained, here is the stylized version of current affairs, influenced perhaps just a little by the wizard’s opening narration to Conan the Barbarian. From my political perspective, of course.